Epil-stop hair removal

Does anyone have any experience with this product?

Apart from the fact that it burned my leg and didn’t get rid of much hair, I guess it was pretty good (except fot the smell)

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A friend of mine thought it would be a good idea to use on his beard, as he frequently gets ingrown hairs and razor burn.

According to him, Epil-burn is 1.3 million times worse than razor burn. But then, you’re not supposed to use it on your face.

I used it on my friends back. It worked but we had to leave it on for longer than suggested. (I believe the bottle says 8 minutes, but 8 minutes did nothing to his back hair so we left it on for 20) We discovered through trial and error that the secret really is all in the wipe. Use a warm wet cloth and press firmly going against the growth pattern. DO NOT WIPE THE SAME AREA TWICE. It will burn and if you missed some hair, it won’t come out with the second wiping.

DO NOT USE EPIL-STOP TWO DAYS IN A ROW. If you realize that you missed a few spots when using epil stop and figure you can just get the spots you missed the next day be warned, it will burn through your skin like acid. We used it two days in a row, day one was just like the informercial with lots of oooh’s and aaah’s. I was actually surprised at how well it worked, with very little redness and even that didn’t last too long. We expected more of the same on day two but boy were we surprised. On day two we left the product on for the recomended time, but when I went to wipe away the hair - imagine my surprise when the top layer of skin peeled away. What a bloody, ugly mess. My friend looked pathetic while the skin grew back and said the damn thing itched like hell.

My skin is too sensitive to use this product, but it does work.

So many people have problems with this product, that I wouldn’t use it. When I need to de-hair, I sugar my legs with NAD’S( please stop snickering). There’s a bit of a ritual to getting it right, but my legs end up siky smooth for weeks.

Oh dear lord. Whatever you do. If you have any kind of sensitive skin whatsoever, do not… I repeat… do not use this product.

I tried it as I have some unsightly shoulder hair… ((thank you Italian dad)) and even after just leaving it on the appropriate 4 minutes it ripped my whole shoulder off when wiping it away.

4 days later the area is now blistered, pock-marks of skin are missing and it will probably scar pretty badly.

I’ll be sending it back asap.

I’m tempted to post up some photos if you guys wanna see the damage.