Has anybody tried this stuff? Alright, the ads are a tad nauseating but does it work? Does it smell bad? Can you really wipe it off right away? Is it sticky and, therefore, painful to wipe off?

Oddly enough they featured this product on our local news at the 10:00 pm newscast tonight (er yesterday,) here’s the link to the results: http://www.koaa.com/community/reference/tbyb/

First summary…

I have heard not one good thing about this product, and I’ve researched quite a few hair removal products. Most people say it causes redness and burns and doesn’t even take away the hair. My advice is to stay away from it, and use common everyday drugstore depilatories.

Does this mean my lottery ticket isn’t a sure thing either?:frowning:

My advice is to NEVER use it on facial hair. Trust me on this one.

Off to IMHO.

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It’s crap.

On the other hand, if you feel compelled to try it I can send you the whole, only-used-once set, free! Act now!

My son just bought this and used it on his back last night. After about 4 minutes he started to feel burning so he got under the shower to wash it off. He said it burned worse washing it off :eek: . I had to use a finishing cream that came with a tube of surgical hair removal cream on his back. It helped some but he still has a couple of burns that hurt.
My son is not a young teen he’s 21. IMHO nothing that causes that much pain is worth it.

He’s going to try to get his money back tomorrow.

I tried it. On my legs only. It didn’t burn me or cause pain, which the drugstore products do. It doesn’t smell bad. It also didn’t work.

OTOH, NADS works like a charm, as long as you follow the directions and use it at room temperature…and they don’t mean room temperature in the summer in Washington. ( the state) Which, when you think of it, pretty much precludes using it. Because who is interested in having hair free legs in the winter? Okay, okay. I know, SOME people have SO’s and CARE about having hair free legs in the winter. ::sigh::

But I digress. NADS works, smells fine, and is my product of choice. Maybe I should have tried sitting in front of the fan before I tried it in the summer. Oh goodie, a project for my long and lazy summer days next year!

Really? My SO HATES NADS. She followed the insructions to the letter… She says it was painful like waxing, but didn’t work nearly as well.

Those epil-stop products tend to be a $30 bottle of nair.

NADS works well, but only on long hair. The problem I found is not all hair is even. So if you tried it on your legs you would find most of it comes off but the short hairs are still there. So you have to shave those off.