Epimetheus, could you step in here a moment, you jackass.

Epimetheus, in this thread, you are behaving like a jackass. You are totally and completely incorrect in you assertation that there is only one rectus abdominus muscle. There are quite clearly two, which are joined in the middle by a tendon, the linea alba.

Every cite in the thread, including ALL OF YOURS says the same thing. Two muscles. TWO.

In your last gem of a post you say:

No, I am not wrong.

If I may quote from http://www.bartleby.com/107/118.html:

Seperated. Fellow. Opposite Side. Gosh - do you think that means there are TWO freekin muscles?!?!?

You admit that you’ve never taken an anatomy course, and yet you have the nerve to suggest that:

after saying this


Interestingly, from my third post in the thread:

So - what the fuck are you talking about you bone head? Can you not stand to be proven wrong?

You’re wrong. Period. This is not a matter for debate and discussion. Every person who’s taken even a smidgen of anatomy knows that there are two rectus abdominal muscles, joined in the middle by a tendon.

Any woman who’s had a baby knows that these muscle seperate and that moving them back together is a pain in the ass.

YOU ARE WRONG. With a capital W.


And arrogant and condescending to boot.

Nice combination. :rolleyes:

I’d wager this is the first pit thread ever over a disagreement about the rectus abdominus muscle.


My SO thinks I’m nuts too. I don’t care - willful ignorance pisses me off.

I’m good to go with “willful ignorance” - the other stuff, well, I wasn’t going to participate. Guy’s probably just being obtuse.

There have been loads of threads about rectums.

Ohhh rectus! Never mind.

Well, color me enlightened!

If ever I were to try and predict which threads would result in someone being pitted, I never in a million years would have guessed that one.

You and me both man. You and me both.

Rectus? Damn near killed us.

Aw, man, I know what you’re saying. Don’t even get me started on the glutes.

Jeez, what an asshole.

Jeez, what an asshole.

(god, i am so sorry about that, wait, no i’m not)

Man, I just about split my gut laughing.

Oddly, I thought this Epimetheus flame thread was going to be about this:

From: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showpost.php?p=4854448&postcount=8

Having been a diabetic now for 22 years and suffering from a wide array of complications, I found this post to be very highly offensive to me. Just what do you mean, I’ll be “smug” in a dozen years or so with “worms crawling in (my) body”?

I’m certainly not smug every time I go to the toilet and pee blood, or pass out from low blood sugar, or feel sick and vomit from high blood sugar, or see that blind spot in my right eye, or watch as a simple paper cut takes 3 weeks to heal, or breathe and feel the broken rib that won’t heal right, or see the cardiologist come back with “that look” on his face.

But hey, I made this choice, so…it’s my own smug fault? Wait, what choice did I have again?

I admit the only reason I didn’t start a Pit thread about Epimetheus yesterday was because his post didn’t make complete sense to me, so I was certain he must have grossly mis-spoke. However, maybe I can piggyback off this one - appropriately too, as it’s another medical-related issue - and ask Epimetheus why he would say such a thing about people like me?

NNNOOOOOOOOO!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Seriously, this rocks! But, I won’t tell you that! :smiley:

I KNEW I’d seen him being a jerkass before - I just couldn’t remember where!

BAH I hate ignorance! I hate willful ignorance! And I expecially despise those that are willfully ignorant and yet at arrogant and condescending to others about stuff that they clearly know JACK SHIT ABOUT!


Fer Christ sake you can make a replacement boob for women, following mastectomy, by rotating one of the rectus abdominus muscles - unless you’ve seen a shwack of women with massive mono apron-like boobs, I’m pretty sure there’s a division there! :rolleyes:

There may not be a shwack of them, but if Epimetheus married there’d be at least one, right?

That earned an O’Doul’s, no doubt.


Thanks. I needed that.

I hope I get a chance to collect before I am smug with worms.

Don’t ever be smug with worms. They’re vindictive little bastards.