Equal opportunity political snarking inside - +dour employ. in MI

According to the Detroit Free Press Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI)'s husband has been picked up by the cops.

We wonder what is going to be the largest source of embarrassment:

[li]The fact that it was a prostitution sting[/li][li]The fact he only paid $150 -or-[/li][li]The fact that he was observed leaving the room 15 minutes after entering[/li][/ol]

Since Spitzer paid a reported 3- 4 grand, it should be clear from this story that the economy in Michigan really, well, sucks. :smiley:

15 minutes? Dude, it only takes like 3 total! Maybe 3 and a half if your zipper gets stuck.

He’s not paying her to talk.

I’m just here to find out what the heck “+dour employ.” means. :confused:

Uh-oh. Someone else whom Hillary has to renounce and reject. :slight_smile:

didn’t want the title to be longer than the OP - I was trying to convey “dour employment picture in Michigan”. OTOH, it may be a boon for tourism - your dollar goes farther in MI than in NY.

John - and another hubby she’ll want to keep away from Bill.

I thought it was ‘denounce and reject’.

Gotta wonder how the Senator’s going to react. I’m predicting pretty much nothing; given that she wasn’t the one caught, she doesn’t really have much of a reason to make a public hubbub. Her private response is likely to be something, however.

What an appropriate place name for this story :stuck_out_tongue:

and since you’re not from there, you don’t know the half of it. In that area, there are some very major roads, the “mile” roads - Eight mile (remember the movie?), 9 mile etc. Well, out by the suburbs, we get into 15 mile, 16 mile etc. Big Beaver is another name for part of 16 mile. It’s “Mound road” to the east of there and “Quarry” (? q something anyhow) to the west. It’s only "BIg Beaver for a relatively short distance. Timing is critical ya know.

Could be-- I was going from memory, and we all know how that works!

Why would Hillary have to renounce and reject Ms. Stabenow ('s endorsement?)?

Is she somehow tainted by her husband’s misbehavior?

But wait, it gets better! There is an exit onto Big Beaver from I-75.

The exit number?


In my experience they throw that in for free.

Hillary should know the answer to that. :wink:

So when you get to that exit do you have to turn around?

It’s more than a 15 minute drive down I-94 before you get to Climax!

If you were married to Debbie, you would probably be busted for prostitution, too. It was just a matter of time.

Hey, I spent an hour in Climax* once. Also been to Hell*.

  • (both are, of course, cities in MI)

Well, I wouldn’t cheat on someone named Stab now, I’ll tell you that.

From what I’ve heard about her, it’ll likely be hours of horrible screeching.