Er 10/9

A new doctor (Angela Bassett, I believe) arrives and gives everyone some attitude.

I saw the preview and decided to skip it. How many times has the ER been quarantined? Too many.

This show just doesn’t hold my interest anymore. Usually we only get 20 minutes into it before we decide to shut the TV off have sex. Like last night.

A bitchy new ER chief who steps on everyone’s toes and inspires their immediate hatred? Gee, what an original storyline. :rolleyes:

Isn’t it about time for one of the staff to develop an inoperable brain tumor?

Since Pratt died last week, and the show is ending, perhaps they could do like Survivor and eliminate a character each week. The final episode could involve a smaller character (like Frank, for instance) dying of a heart attack, all alone. Unfortunate, I assume they’ve already planned how they’re going to end it, but I think that would be a cool way to go.

I thought that new intern was going to buy it last night. But then of course they would have had to have Gates and the other three in danger, and that would be a plot point they’d have to resolve. It would be a good thing to do, though, having a brand-new doctor bite the dust on the first day at County General. I would have wanted it to be the chick with the Christian Louboutins, though.

Abby is leaving next week. She really looks bad. I guess that’s what a pickled liver will do to you, but Maura Tierney isn’t aging well. I hope it’s makeup.

I took a phone call during the show, so missed what was up with the ricin guy. Why did he make the stuff and carry it on his person?

It was all very anti-climactic, to say the least.

The ricin guy’s wife died at the Pentagon on 9-11; he planned to send his ricin to public officials to demonstrte that We Are Not Safe Because Of The Sand-Niggers.

He was, in short, an idiot, and they were trying to hit as many cliches as possible.

Man, that’s dumb. (The storyline, not your recap—thanks.)

You find it surprising that ER has a dumb storyline? :dubious:

At this point it’s de rigueur. I think that David E. Kelly has joined the writing staff under a pseudonym and is exacting revenge for the spanking ER gave Chicago Hope all those years ago.