ER: The Final Season 9/26

Just wondering

I’m not watching it. Who died?


ETA:… never mind. :wink:

Well, I’m not crying but my wife did when she watched it a few hours ago. I only catch the show when I’m home while she has it on and this one caught my interest more than it usually does.

**spoiler space

Goodbye, Greg. :frowning:

Hmm… Prattfall.

My wife did, as well. I wasn’t watching.

That show is still on? I’m really asking… I had no idea.

It’s the final season.

I didn’t really watch it much last season, although I’ve kept up with it since the beginning.

I had no idea there was going to be a regular character’s death tonight. I figured they’d do the usual and string us along thinking it was him, then as he suddenly recovered some newish intern would fall out a window or something.

It wasn’t a bad episode.

I didn’t start crying until his brother wanted to wheel his stretcher and then there was the whole parade through the E.R. “He’s going upstairs.” Then, I about lost it when Frank went over and pushed the elevator button. Damn!

That really affected me. I thought maybe they’d kill off Archie, that wouldn’t have been so bad. My husband was betting on Neela. And then when Archie whipped out the ring at the end . . .

That helicopter got another one then, eh?

I only watched the first half hour, but I thought the death was going to be Abby. They hyped the whole “Say goodbye to a fan favorite” thing, and then focused so much on Pratt’s injuries, I thought it was too obvious.

I figured Abby was soldiering on through some nasty internal injuries, and would collapse at the end just as Pratt made a recovery.

Ah well.


I haven’t watched ER in ages. Had Pratt changed any? When I watched it, I was amazed at what a completely appropriate name for his character that was.

Who the hell would still go to work in this ER?

“The benefits are good–three weeks paid, good health plan, we match 4% of your salary in your 401(k) after the first year. Our lawyers have asked us to tell you, though, that your odds of being brutally killed or tragically disfigured are, um, somewhat higher than average.”

I really thought last season was it.

Angela Bassett must have been badly in need of work to take a gig at a dying TV show. I thought the “fan favorite to take his last breath” would have been Frank.

I thought Luka would show up just long enough to die, especially after Abby expressed hope for saving the marriage.

It was difficult to muster up any emotion for Pratt’s death, knowing that in a sense the whole cast were going to be killed off at the end of this season. It must feel strange for Angela Basset, or any star joining a show in its last season. You know your character doesn’t have time to go anywhere or develop, you just have to try and do your thing, make some sort of impact before the lights go out.