ER 5/3: Sweeps month = wedding

When she said it, I was thinking that she was winging it and reading off a grocery list.

So close! She later admits it was “I went to get meat but the butcher was mean so I got fish” or something along those lines in Punjabi.

Well, shoot! I thought I had this on the DVR but it’s not. I know from the previews and this thread that the wedding happened, Neela got kissed, Hope and Morris might be getting it on, Gates and Ray fought over Neela, and Ray gets hit by a truck.

Anything else really good happen? Like maybe Gates going away?

A rabbi officiated because the justice of the peace couldn’t make it. Loved that guy!

The bad news: John Stamos is still around. Ecccch.

The good news: next week, Stanley Tucci will join the cast. Yayyyy!

Be still my heart! Is Tucci taking over for Luka?

A definite maybe. According to this, Stanley Tucci will appear in “a multi-episode stint,” while Goran Visnjic is rumored to be leaving.

You couldn’t pay me enough to work at that ER. That has to be the unluckiest bunch of people ever. Stabbings, shootings, brain tumors, fatal car accidents, blown up by IED, satanic helicopters, miscarriages. Next week: everyone who had the beef at the wedding has to get tested for mad cow! Who will survive?

Ooh, ooh! Denny Crane can do a crossover cameo and sue the caterer!

Who WOULDN’T be hot for her? She’s extraordinarily superfoxy.