ER 5/3: Sweeps month = wedding

Isn’t that always the way it is on TV?

The show starts early tonight: 9:53 Eastern / 8:53 Central.

I’ll certainly be watching, but I don’t have very high expectations for ER’s “very special” episodes. Maybe there’ll be a big shoot-em-up. Maybe Dr. Romano will wander in, having lived on the streets with amnesia for years after the big helicopter crash. Maybe Sam’s son Alex will burn the church down. Maybe Kovac will leave Abby at the altar, and run off with Morris to live in Africa.

Isn’t Dr. Carter still in Africa? Now that would be a menage-a-trois - Carter, Kovac and Morris. :stuck_out_tongue:

If Romano wanders in, there will have to be another helicopter disaster. Maybe a kid will have a toy helicopter that decapitates him.

I haven’t watched ER in years, but I’ve seen the prview for the wedding. I’m wondering why they’re being married by a Rabbi? Kovac is Catholic and Abby doesn’t have a faith, as I recall. I rememeber Kovac not going to church because he was mad at God for the death of his family, but from the one ep I saw, he still thinks of himself as Catholic.


I believe Abby’s maiden name is Wyczenski (that’s her brother’s last name), so I’m guessing that she would be nominally Catholic.


Wow, really enjoyed this episode tonight - and ER has been kind of mediocre lately. If I didn’t know better I would have said it was the season finale - hurray for sweeps making episodes better. What did everyone think?

That’s it. I’m done with this show.

How many seasons? Twelve? Thirteen? I’ve missed a single episode in all that time, because I was delivering my baby. I even praised the Darfur episode. I …argggh… I have never been so pissed over a television episode.

Erm…sorry. I had to get that out.

Well damn, girl, don’t keep us in suspense, why the hatin’ now?

I mean, sure it was sweet and schmaltzy and we knew it would be going in. I enjoyed it well enough for what it was, what’s with the fervor?

I loved the surprise wedding! It was so very sweet and moving. Loved Neela’s nonsense in Pakistani (?)- is that right? I forget where she’s from. It was great.

OMG, not Ray!!!

I’m sorry. It’s in Dolores Reborn’s spoiler box.

I just wish they could …hell I don’t know…NOT do that crap. Everything I could add to it would be a spoiler and I’m to backwards addled and sickly tonight to figure it out. That might be adding to my reaction too.

When I saw Ray walking out into the middle of the street and the shot from overhead, I said “and here comes the helicopter!” and then, “well, OK. A truck.”

What a crappy, schmaltzy episode. That blonde chick who planned everything, the one with Morris, she would drive me crazy.

I agree with Rushgeekgirl on the part that sucked, tremendously. But otherwise, this is the most fun I’ve had watching ER in years. Is the girl playing the new intern the same one who played the musical genius / improv comedy fan with the rich daddy on Studio 60?

Yup. Julia Ling

Wasn’t she pretty aggressively christian when she first appeared? They seemed to have dropped that.

She was. It’s almost as if it was an act to see how hard Morris was going to work to get her to “go time”. So :rolleyes:-worthy.

And the whole story line about how everybody and their brother (and sister) was hot for Neela? Spare me.

Can someone explain why the wedding was officiated by a rabbi?


 It was supposed to be a JOP, but he was sick, and sent the rabbi as a sustitute.

 I have to admit that i almost split a gut when the intern girl planted on on Neela. When neela walked into the bathroon, and she started talking, I was thinking "let me guess, another member of the I want to jump Neela club." When I found out I was right...

 I also called the "Ray becomes roadkill." thing, but they telegra[phed that so much that people wathing the baseball game on another channel saw it coming.

St. G , apparently the Justice of the Peace couldn’t make it and sent a replacement.

Poor Neela! Surgeon guy and his “Finally!” (I’m pulling for Ray but I think the surgeon guy is the most favorable of the pack for long-term stability. Of course Neela seems to prefer drama.) I’ve never seen so many people focus in on the same intended.

I really don’t get the “it’s been seven years” bit. Um, John Carter almost proposed to Abby during that time, Luka lived with Sam…it’s not like they’ve been exclusive all that time. :smack:
And then the previews for next time “One of their own is missing…” Missing? How can he be alive? The ER was closed and I guess that could make the difference for someone who you would assume died. (And they can’t pull another Gant.) Perhaps other ERs have better luck than this one. :smack: :smack: