Er...did a Doper in India send me anything?

I just got a blue envelope in the mail, in a USPS envelope that says “We are sorry to have lost your mail…” All it is is a blue envelope, with my name and address.

Now I get letters from India all the time but the outside has my adult name, as well as “Anaamika”, and no one but the Dope knows I go by that handle! It came by book-post, and the stamps are of two kittens and…some ferrets? Can’t really tell.

If this is you, I’m so sorry but all I got was the envelope! Anyone?


A Blue Letter!

Cool. I love a good mystery :slight_smile:

Secret Santa?

I posted there, too, just in case. It must be…but that’s really too bad, since an empty envelope is kind of sad. :frowning:

It’s a blue letter! That means you put it right in Anaamika’s hand. No secretaries! No receptionists! No colleagues! No excuses!

One of my undergrad professors told me a story about when he was doing research in India about 20 years ago. One day he mailed a package (from India) to his home in California. The next day he sent another. They didn’t arrive, and he gave up hope of seeing them again.

15 years later, he got one of the packages in the mail (he lived in the same place).
The next day, he got the other one.

Just thought I’d share.

Always nice to see a Hudsucker Proxy reference.

Is it from the Klingerman Foundation?