ER surgery for Hasselhoff

Following shaving accident.

So many jokes. So very many jokes. I just can’t decide.

Shaving freaks. What’s next?

The article I saw said something about him raising his arm and hitting a chandelier which broke and cut him. So was he shaving his pits? Was there a chandelier in the bathroom? So many questions. Maybe they can make a movie of the week about it?

I just googled (altavistaed :D) the vid to youtube. Wait. He thought singing Hooked On A Feeling was a good idea? Then letting a Jr. High audio-visual club do the video even better?

The linked article says he was shaving ( his face, I presume) raised his arm, breaking a glass shelf, that cut his arm.

I suspect the bearded lady did not want her circus career ended. reported it as a chandelier. Either way, that’s gotta hurt.

Chandeliers in the bathroom? A severed tendon from falling bits of broken glass? None of that seems to make sense.
Anyone want to calculate the odds for a case of autoerotic laceration?

You know, David, there’s a reason you should stick to waxing.
my poor boyfriend:’(

If it was a chandelier, it wasn’t very well hooked on the ceiling.

I’ve heard of autoerotic asphyxiation, but laceration? What is that all about? :confused: :eek:

Is he rumored to be…you know…(wiggles hand back and forth)?

I love a good morning chuckle. Thank you, Otto.

Freak shaving accident: I have a scar on my right pinkie finger from shaving my legs. Somehow, my leg slipped off the shower wall, and in the attempt to not fall on my ass, I managed to cut my finger. Thing is, I’m right handed, and I’m not sure that I used my left hand to shave, but who knows. It’s weird.

Cut by glass accident: A couple years ago my cat knocked over a glass that had been left on the coffee table. I got up (it was the middle of the night) and started cleaning it up, and through the paper towels (there was still water in the glass) I cut my middle finger, beside the nail. I think I hit a nerve, because the slightest touch would send shooting pain all the way down my arm to my elbow for a few weeks after the cut. Thing is, it was so TINY! There was a drop of blood, for a few minutes, and that was it. No scar, no visible wound at all. It took about 3 months before I could use my finger again, because the cut was so close to the tip that everything hurt. Even now, it’s kind of numb and tingly (somehow, both at once!) but its localised to a small area on the finger tip.

Freak Shaving Accident

Time to add this to the list of band names?

after watching him on “America’s got Talent” I can easily believe he goes both ways. He was way too delighted by the male strippers as well as the female stripper. Some of the other male acts as well althought he wasn’t impressed with the Incredible Vladimir or what ever the giant that balanced a sword on a string was called dressed in a lame’ belt, wings and not much else.

Anybody know where Adam Sandler was at the time?

God I’d forgotten about that. Ow.

But now I can refer back to this every time I find myself questioning his judgement while trying to judge a talent contest.