Erections, Orgasms and Urinating

Ok, I know that men can’t pee while sexually aroused. But there are a couple related questions I want to ask:

1-If I feel like peeing and then get an erection and orgasm, the orgasm is invariably worse than normal. It just doesn’t feel nearly as good.

2-If i just orgasmed, I can’t urinate for a while after that. 5 to 15 minutes depending on how urgent the need to urinate is.

I always assumed that this was something normal, but I’m not so sure anymore. Can you guys confirm or deny this?

Uh…Are you orgasming only because of the erection you have resulting from the full bladder, without any external stimulation? If so…odd.

Well… I normally don’t feel any urge to pee whilst in the process of building to an orgasm, but oftentimes I have a crappy orgasm and then realize (after things have softened up a tad) that I gotta drain the dragon pretty bad.

Yeah, I gotta wait a while, too, or else the pee comes out all dribbly and sprays everywhere, like a clogged squirtgun nozzle.

Ha! What a coincidence: I watched Me, Myself and Irene again just last night. The scene with Jim Carrey peeing after sex and using the picture off the wall to try to bank it into the toilet is screamingly funny, classic Steve Martin-caliber hilarity.

I find the idea that males are unable to void urine unless the phallus is flaccid to be a myth. If I awaken with the need to go, I frequently urinate while in full morning glory (best done seated to avoid having to use the above technique)–no major impedance to flow noted. It just takes concentration, both to accomplish the elimination and to stay dry.

peeing while errect is no problem at all.

hahaha. No. Not at all. me having a full bladder (or half full for that matter) doesn’t provoke an erection. Nor does the erection automatically cause an orgasm.

Blame the prostate gland. It’s been a while (since school where I learned this, not… never mind), but as I remember, during arousal and the subsequent results, the prostate expands and blocks certain canals/ducts, which is what causes the inability to pee. That’s also why men with an enlarged prostate have difficulty in peeing as well. I don’t remember the specific canals or ducts (a portion of the urethra, I think), but the prostate gland is definately the culprit.

No problem peeing erect here. Plus, I often have to go right after slappin the monkey around. I sometimes turn the shower on and bank it into the tub. I can create a pretty high arch. Yes, kind of icky, but not as much as an unsuccesful aim for the toilet.

Who says guys don’t have any class, eh?

The hard part is taking a crap with an erection.

/me laughing laug- ahem, nvm… :o