Eric Bana in CHOPPER

Saw it tonight.
I’m not Australian, had no idea he was a stand up, had previously seen The Hulk and Black Hawk Down and not recognised the name nor him (makes me a fool I realise) - so thought i was seing this actor for the first time. His performance in this movie is a tour de force. He is quite awesome.
If you haven’t do… if you have - what do you think?

Fantastic actor, brilliant movie. He really did make that movie.

It’s a shame the writer/director doesn’t seem to be making any more films, he really proved himself quite a talent with Chopper.

As a comedian, he’s a great actor. His ‘comedy’ show on Aus TV was dreadful, absolutely dire.

Saw it a couple months ago. I’m sure I’d have enjoyed the film so much more had I been able to understand more than about a third of what people were saying. I finally had to turn on the closed captioning.

Awesome film. I highly recommend renting the DVD. There is actual interview footage with the real Mark Read. You would be amazed at how perfectly Eric Bana resembles the real deal. Everything from his cadence, hand gestures, facial gestures… were all dead-on. It really makes his performance that much more enjoyable.

Otto, I have the same problem watching Australian (and even some British) films. I get used to picking up only half of whats said and filling in the rest on my own. I think about 1/3 the way in I finally get used to the accent but there are times when I can’t believe the characters are actually speaking English!

Gotta agree with Andrew T. Bana is a great actor, but I couldn’t stand his comedy. Chopper was amazing, although there was some upset when it came out - some people felt that it was glorifying him, but I didn’t get that impression from the movie.

As an Australian (our locations don’t show on the new style?), I have the same problem understanding Irish and Scottish accents - it takes me a while to get the hang of 'em, by which time I’ve missed all the setup of the plot.

I have a similar problem with some US Southern drawls, but not all of them. I suspect it’s more difficult to understand when the person is faking a Southern accent than when it’s their normal way of talking.