Why does Eric Bana keep getting work in Hollywood?

Because i watched Hulk a little while ago, i figured i’d see his imdb movie listing, and much to my surprise, there are two upcoming movies with him, one directed by none other than Curtis Hanson, and the other by Steven Spielberg. I mean geez! This guy can’t act worth shit judging by Black Hawk Down and Hulk, so - WHY my god WHY - do talented people keep hiring him?!?
Seriously, are people in Hollywood really that blind? God, he’s worse than Orlando Bloom in the acting department, and i still see his name mentioned alongside so many talented actors and directors. People have truly gone nuts, and i KNOW i must not be the only one on this?

I think I saw his name being thrown around as a possibility for the next James Bond.

What, you don’t think he’s dreamy?

He’s incredibly talented. Go see Chopper and I’ll stay here and await your retraction.

What Hodge said. Someone who says Eric Bana is an untalented actor is someone who is unable to distinguish bad material from bad handling of material.

I’ve only seen him in The Hulk, and I thought he was pretty good in that. 'Course, I’m one of the few that actually liked that movie.

Well, I suppose I saw him in Black Hawk Down, too, but I can’t tell who anyone in that movie was.

I think he’s a fairly good actor. Not great, or star quality, but certainly better than some of the high-dollar “faces” out there like Affleck.

Err, no, and that’s the whole thing. Eric Bana keeps getting hired for Hollywood movies because he looks like Eric Bana. I haven’t seen any of his movies, so I can’t say one way or the other about his talent as an actor. But you just have to look at the guy to see why he keeps getting work.

From what I understand, the stuff we’re seeing in the U.S. is just his big-budget entry-into-Hollywood type movies, and he did more independent and “challenging” roles in Australia. (Including, according to the IMDB, Chopper). So he’s got the looks, and still has enough of that indie aura to be taken seriously as an actor. Sounds like a much prettier version of Russell Crowe.

I thought he was excellent as Hector in Troy.

Never saw those other movies, so I can’t say whether he was horrible in those, but from Troy alone I had classified him as a “good actor”.

Putting him in the same category as Orlando Bloom is just mean. They’re side-by-side in Troy and the difference in ability is huge.

I second the thought that he was one of the few who did excellent work on Troy

Because he is so freaking hot…I didn’t even notice Brad Pitt in Troy b/c I was so captivated by the Bana.

Agred. After Peter O’Toole and Sean Bean, he was the best thing in the movie.

Fourthed. I thought Troy was pretty silly overall, but Bana’s Hector was well-played.

That said, I haven’t seen him in any other movies.

You should see some of the comedy he did here before he decided to be an [Jon Lovitz] ACTOR!!! [/Jon Lovitz]

Hee hee… Poida…

The only thing I don’t like is his American accent. I find it to be a bit deliberate, and he seems to perform around it, which isn’t so good.

Otherwise I think he’s very talented. I wish he was doing some comedies, though, as he is potentially one of the funniest character actors Australia has had.

Thing is, in Hulk the character he was playing was deliberately devoid or close to of emotion, and that’s the hardest thing to play in the world, and easy to confuse for bad acting (for the best example of this, see Billy Bob Thornton in The Man Who Wasn’t There). I don’t think he was great in Hulk, but he was OK.

Also, I third (fourth? eighth?) the motion that Chopper is fan-goddamned-tastic.

I couldn’t disagree with you more. Black Hawk Down was very much an ensemble piece and many of the actors are either well known or at least familiar. I hadn’t heard of Eric Bana before Black Hawk Down, but I came out of the movie saying, “Who was that guy?” Every time he was on the screen he owned it, to me he really stood out. And no, I’m not talking about how “dreamy” he is.

I’ve heard this said about so many people at this point that I’m fairly sure I’m in the running (despite being short, fat, American, and ridiculous-looking in a tuxedo.)

(My pick, among the serious contenders: Julian McMahon, from Nip/Tuck.)

Because he’s fucking gorgeous.

I thought he was good in Troy, too. And not just because of his chest. And his arms. And his face.

I’ll be in my bunk.

watch ‘chopper’.

nothing he’s done since matches it, but that’s why he keeps getting work.