Erin Andrews is she milking the camera incident?

Erin Andrews is b a c k. This time she’s suing the hotels where her pictures were shot.

She really can’t seem to let this go. She’s already got the guy that did it prosecuted and put in prison. She’s done dozens (seems like hundreds) of interviews. Now a law suit that will keep the story in the news.

A bit much? Can’t she let the story die and move on?

These were grainy, unrecognizable photos that were on the internet for months. No one would have ever known it was her. Until, ESPN said something.

Is she going to sue them next? :smiley:

This is the first time I’ve heard of this since the initial incident back when ESPN confirmed it was her.

you should have seen Dancing With the Stars.

They dragged this story out every week. The poor Erin stuff never let up.

I think she’s fine. Hotels shouldn’t just be giving out information to random callers about who’s staying there and what room they’re in.

I can’t read her mind to see what her true motives are, of couse, but a cynical person might note that her career definitely seems to have benefitted from this incident.

On the other hand, she may genuinely feel that she was violated, which is not a crazy feeling for someone who was videotaped naked when she thought she was in private and then had the videos viewed by millions of people.

And in pursuit of curing that harm, she may have noticed that the hotel acted negligently, and decided that part of her harm came from those negligent actions.

Or she may be cynically exploiting this for name recognition and newsworthiness.

Given that the first motive is both plausible and perfectly appropriate, I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt.

WTF? I click on the link in the OP and get five tabs from ESPN all the same? Weird.

You need a fifth option:

( ) This dumb bitch just needs to get over herself. She’s not really all that great looking, and she’s no hell on the air, either.

I think the hotel should be held responsible in some way for this. They should NEVER give out information on guests, famous or not. I worked in hotels for years and this was one of the #1 rules of the front desk.

You left out option #5:

Who the hell is Erin Andrews?

Seriously, I haven’t the foggiest idea who she is - never heard of her.

I’m not a sue-happy person, but in this case she is 100% in the right. Marriott employees should have NEVER confirmed that she was staying at their hotel, nor should they have divulged her room number to anyone that wasn’t listed on her room reservation. I can’t imagine how violated she felt that this asshole repeatedly videotaped her.

Marriott and she are both very lucky (for different reasons) that he was content to videotape her. It could have been much, much worse.

“Room service.”


You have to wonder what the motivation is for some of these peephole vidoegraphers. The quality of these hidden camera movies (at least hers) that were posted on the net were so bad you couldn’t even tell it was her. It was just this grainy nonsense of this female figure moving around the room. It wasn’t remotely sexual.

If she is milking this for publicity she has a way to go. Her name is not a household word.
however from the link

I think it is reasonable for her to seek a jury trial. At that trial if she can prove this occurred, then see if a jury finds this behavior OK or negligent.
I put ‘you forgot’ as I would vote. She should have her day in court.

Thank you.

Considering the number of celebrity-stalkers, I, too, can’t believe they’d provide this info. I’d sue their asses off.

If this happened to anyone else who wasn’t a celebrity, people would be encouraging them to sue. Why should she lose that solicitude because she’s a celebrity?

Same here. Not even a tiny bit.


Fifth. And I don’t wish to know.

Sixth. And I also don’t give a crap.

If these were peephole pictures of Stuart Scott any reasonable person would support his right to sue. She is very, very hot, but that doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t be outraged by this violation of her privacy. If someone took these pictures of my wife I would certainly sue the hotel and pursue criminal charges against the perpetrator.

There is more than a whiff of sexism in using her appearance to partially excuse the responsible parties. We all have a right to privacy and this was a pretty clear and unwanted violation of that right. Good for her, the hotel deserves to be sued.

She’s got really sharp knees, too.