as in flask.

a good name for a dog, me thinks.
or a band.

that is all.
Just thought I’d share that with you. continue with your reading.

You know, Babs, that’s the first thing I thought of. I saw “Erlenmeyer” and I thought “Like the flask?”

True story.

~~I don’t know…

a Polka band?

here Erlie!! here Erlie!!

I don’t know…still sounds kind of wooden :slight_smile:

<shrugs> It made an ok name for an X-Files episode.

I have one of those flasks. I drink from it. (And I’m not talking Kool-Aid.) :slight_smile:

[bad news cleo]
a-ha. I read yer mind. dees cards don lie.
[/bad news cleo]

and no silly anticay…I’d use the nickname “Lerlie”

Only a dog with a round bottom, I’d say.


what other shapes are there?

all my life, I have never seen a dog with, say…a pyramid shaped bottom.