Eskimo words for snow

I first read this column as a callow youth… now I wonder how the Teeming Millions let Cecil get away with this answer.

When asked for the nine Eskimo words for “snow,” Cecil stated, “I have a lot more than nine words for snow, and I do not even need to resort to Eskimo. I have a powerful descriptive vocabulary.”

Yet, in his treatise, The Master yields only three Eskimo words and one English - the word “snow.” Sure, Cecil begged license to include words for “ice,” but that was not the question.

I suspect the real answer is, “No, there are only three - but you can make a whole bunch up by adding adjectives to a root word.” Instead, a younger incarnation of our Beloved gave us a load of anaq - which, in my original text, did not translate as "doodoo.