Dumb question about Eskimo language and snow

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Good information, but one fundamentally irrelevant question remains: How do you say “Look at all this fucking snow,” in Inuit? C’mon, Cecil, after all these years, you owe us the exact translation.


Carmen Kootoo says there’s no swear words in Inuktitut. She says that the closest phrase out of several is “takualuuna Aputiq”.

Happy now? I mean, I know I’m not Cecil, but he seems to be rather busy these days. Probably investigating the alleged decadence of the Bangkok fleshpots…:smiley:


On the subject of (mostly debunked) multiple Inuit words for snow.
My Japanese teacher mentions that there are many words in Nihongo to refer to rice.

Does this qualify as replacement for the Inuit/snow story?

I’ve also read that the Eskimo language has no words for some emotions. I have no idea of the veracity, though.

I have a friend who refuses to acknowledge the fact that there are eskimos in the world. How do I prove him wrong?

What about eskimos does he have trouble accepting? That there are indigenous peoples in the Arctic that live in snow and have dogsleds? That they go by the name “eskimo”?