ESPN HD -- Is Cablevision Screwing With Me?

So I’ve been having issues with watching ESPN HD on my Cablevision system. On Saturday afternoon, while watching college football, it is pixellating all over the place. Frustrated, I just go to one of the other fifteen games on TV at that time. Just a few moments ago, I turned on ESPN HD to watch Monday Night Football, and it was pixellating all over the place. I would say that there was not a two minute stretch that did not pixellate.

A bit pissed, I call Cablevision, but can’t figure out how to access the option of my cable reception sucks. They do acknowledge my phone number, so they know who I am. I finally choose what seems like the closest option, and a recording comes on claiming that the recent snowstorms in the NYC area have compromised their service. Umm, their service was sucking on Saturday before the snow hit.

Curiously, shortly after my call, the reception on ESPN HD cleared up and has been excellent. So is Cablevision screwing with my reception? Wouldn’t doubt it in the least.

Notes: I have Cablevision internet, and I did speed tests shortly before and after the call. They were pretty much the same. And actually as I finish this post, the internet speed dropped a lot (from 8 to 9 Mbps to 4 Mbps), but the ESPN is still going strong.

Had it been recently raining? For reasons unknown to me, my HD channels seem to pixillate or go out entirely after it rains. This is cable, not satellite. I get the “This channel should be available shortly” message. I can tune into the standard-def versions of the channels with no problem. I have no fucking clue why this is.