ESPN is reporting no charges for FSU's Jameis Winston.

Nah, I heard it as it happened and was surprised at all the wisecracking and cutting up that was going on at a press conference discussing a sexual assault investigation.

Not sure how to convince you at this point. (That’s not snark, just the truth). I agree that a civil suit is likely (not sure who’s gonna file it though, both sides have some issues with how this was handled).

Yeah, it certainly could have been handled better, but as a reporter friend of mine said there’s a gallows humor that sets in (on all sides) amongst people who deal with this stuff daily. What we see as inappropriate might just be defense mechanisms showing themselves.
Okay, with all of that said, I had some time today to read the TPD file and Meggs’ file. Regardless of the outcome, it’s obvious that this woman feels like something happened that night, but then nothing else makes sense. I do hope she’s getting proper counseling (and not from her fucking aunt attorney - who very likely leaked the story in the first place and caused this firestorm). If Jameis did rape her then I hope he rots in hell - I’d rather lose the Nat’l Championship game then win that way. If he didn’t then I’m glad things worked out. Either way, the only thing I’m sure of is that we’re never gonna know.

Gallows humor is understandable in a range of occupations, but part of that is knowing when the fuck to engage in it.

I’m sure that doctors and funeral directors and cops develop a gallows humor about death, but it doesn’t mean that it’s appropriate for them to crack jokes in front of the deceased’s family. Similarly, if lawyers and journalists are going to engage in gallows humor about an alleged rape, the time to do it is not at the publicly-broadcast press conference. They acted like assholes.

Yep, I agree. Although personally I’m just as embarrassed by the “fans” they kept showing on tv. I’ve been following FSU longer than most of those little punks have been alive and I can’t stand what they’re turning us into.

I think it’s disgusting that the media won’t name the accuser. The gold digger gets to remain anonymous while dragging Winston’s name through the mud.

Wow. We aren’t in a forum where I can express myself appropriately, so let’s just leave at the fact that I vehemently disagree with you.

Okay, nope. Can’t leave it there. Cite on the “gold digger” part? AFAIK, she has never asked for money from anyone.

Yeah- what’d Jameis Winston ever do to her?

…Oh, right.
Seriously: rape shield laws and the equivalent media policies get into some very complicated territory but they also exist for a damn good reason.

She had consensual sex with Jameis Winston, that happens among horny college students. Why she decided it was ‘rape’ later is still a question that needs to be answered, but when in doubt, I’ll assume $$$.

I hate the stupid media policy of not naming the accuser. I’d like to post her name right on this board if I can confirm it.

Apparently there were witnesses around that told cops it was consensual. Which would explain why the cops dropped the case last Feb. Now a special investigation has decided against pursuing charges.

TMZ is a tabloid source. But I doubt they’d risk getting sued if this was totally fabricated.

I mentioned in the OP that the smart athletes and musicians make certain they have witnesses around when groupies come by. It’s the only way they can protect themselves against “she said/he said” sex charges. Its really hard to defend yourself without witnesses. Jameis nearly got charged even with witnesses backing him up.

By “later”, you mean within an hour or so of the alleged incident? Incidentally, SHE never called the cops, a friend did on her behalf after being told the story (without a name - apparently as recently as this semester she still had not told anyone other than TPD (and presumably her family), the name of the person she thinks raped her. It’s all in the interviews that Meggs put out yesterday. I think you would be better served if you learned something about this case instead of running your yap. Your posts on this subject are ignorant and insensitive.

We don’t know that. We know authorities felt they couldn’t sustain a sexual assault charge.

I’m far more likely to believe this article. FSUCLEATCHASERS as a twitter handle?

You have no idea what you’re talking about. If not enough to actually inform you about it, you really ought to at least learn enough about the situation to be embarrassed by yourself.

Pure ignorance. At the time she first spoke to the police, she didn’t even know the identity of the man she was accusing. Much less that he was a football player. Much less that he was a star football player.

She wasn’t able to identify him until weeks later, when she encountered him on campus and learned his name, at which time she reported his identity to the police.

View the investigation documents here.

So how does that fit with your $$$ theory?

I think she’s a liar. #fsucleatchasers

So if money were the motivation, why wouldn’t she have given his name to the police right away?

You need to actually read the police case file. Your link is absolutely wrong about what police interviews revealed.

No, he can either show her the money and she’ll conveniently not remember who was the ‘rapist.’ or he can not pay up and she’ll make his life a living hell.

So why is your tabloid-style link’s information completely at odds with what police actually found?

For example, no pictures of accuser with accused.
No statements from anyone that accuser and accused knew each other beforehand.

In other words, your link’s author either lied or believed liars. (Now why do I suspect his “source” may be found in Winston’s attorney’s office?)

The author of your link is either a despicable liar or a gullible fool. You should read the police file.

My guess is she got drunk and did something she regretted and then told the story to a friend in a way that sounded a lot rapier than it actually was and it snowballed from there.