ESPN: The Ocho!

For one night only! Coming to a TV near you!

I laughed out loud. I scared a cat.

I would watch any of those sports, regularly, before I’d watch baseball. Or hockey.

It was a long time ago that I remember seeing frisbee stuff on ESPN. It wasn’t that long ago that I remember seeing a dominos tournament on ESPN.

The fact they aren’t showing Quidditch is a huge mistake. It fits perfectly well for TV and they even have the World Cup in Orlando. Not at ESPN Wide World of Sports, but still in ESPN’s back yard!

I’m thrilled to see Kabaddi on US TV. I caught it on a business trip to Bangalore and can’t wait to see some of it here.

No Pepper and Cotton? C’mon ESPN. So close and yet…so far.

Or football.

You know, if they covered sports like this more often, I might actually understand what #sticktosports guy gets all worked up about!

Make it “or football, hockey or soccer” and I’m right there with you!

They’re definitely not on the TV, Zakalwe. Their absence is noticeable.

I’m looking forward to that and the Moxie Games, which sound like it could turn into Calvinball, based on the description from the article.

A game (match?) of Hurling would have been fun to finally see and have explained.

No Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson on that show?

What is the state of modern Roller Derby? Still Pro Wrestling on wheels, or is it more legitimate?

Do people in the U.S. really call bean bag tossing “cornhole”? I am a bit hesitant to Google it.

It’s primarily a Midwest thing in the US, but yes, it’s really called that.

I really want to watch the volleyball/martial arts mashup game. SPIKE!

I remember when none of the major league sports would touch espn and you seen things like “world strongest man” where overly muscled (possibly roided ) guys pull tractors by hand and such 2 or 3 hours of awa or wccw pro wrestling in the middle of the day not to mention the bar sports like pool or darts or bowling

Oh and the soft core exercise shows all morning …

PS: If you want a somewhat more 24/7 feed, Reddit’s The Ocho is one of my personal favorite subreddits and has a ton of amazing videos.

I always liked the “throwing beer kegs over a wall” event.

It actually has become a ‘thing’, mostly for women and not the stylized shtick from the 1970’s. Don’t know how it will play on TV.