ESPN: The Ocho!

News to me :eek:

Honestly I’ve always heard it called “Bean Bag Toss” my whole life. I’m from the Northwest part of the US.

I’d assume cornhole is something that happens if you drop the soap in prison.

(Though I suppose “bean bag toss” kind of sounds like something that could happen to you in prison too.)

I’ve watched a few of the sports now:
-Disc Golf looked interesting, but was just too amateurishly produced to be worth trying to follow
-Firefighter competition was incredibly dull
-Trampoline dodgeball was way less interesting than it sounds. Being on trampolines didn’t seem to matter at all, and maybe dodgeball just isn’t a very good spectator sport
-Kabbadi I just couldn’t follow at all, even after I went and googled the rules
-Ultimate (Frisbee) is a pretty good spectator sport, but I already knew that
-Moxie Games has been the highlight so far, although it’s very hard to figure out how much of it is a joke. Some of it (that weird volleyball variant using only feet) is quite clearly a real sport. Then you had competitive juggling (niche, but an established and “real” competition, incredible skill), and then a bunch of things that were kind of fun to watch, but seemed like they’d just picked random people out of a crowd and said “hey, want to compete in this competition?”, but then they acted all serious about it, like the rock-paper-scissors competition. The highlight was Headis, which is table tennis, except instead of using a paddle and a small white ball, you use your head and a large (volleyball-sized?) ball. Also, one of the competitors is named “beer vampire”.

It’s (a) legitimate, (b) almost entirely just women, and (c) almost entirely on a flat surface rather than the banked track of the Bay Bombers / Los Angeles T-Birds versions. This does not stop other TV shows from portraying it as a bunch of women banging into each other on roller skates, usually as a bunch of middle-age (and older) men watch, and nobody really knows how you score points, much less what the score is.

I am a little surprised they aren’t showing Quidditch - yes, there’s a “Muggles version” where nobody flies (but you still have to “ride a broom,” or, in some cases, a “pool noodle”), and the Snitch is a person; apparently, it’s popular worldwide, as I saw one of the colleges at Oxford University advertise for members for its team. Then again, ESPN is Disney, and I think the Harry Potter movies are Warner Brothers…

As for the fireman challenge, I would like to see something similar to the old New York State Volunteer Firemen’s Competition that ABC aired on Wide World of Sports every year; volunteer fire companies would race in things like hooking up a fire hose to a hydrant, or getting water up a ladder. (Supposedly, the competition stemmed from the fact that the first fire company to respond to a fire got paid by the insurance company, but I never did understand how that worked.)

Yeah, I missed about the first ten minutes, but was able to watch most of it when they had it on. A lot fewer high-speed whips and collisions, and a lot more “jammer slowly trying to push her way through a triangle of defenders.” Not something I’d probably watch on a regular basis, but not bad.

For other stuff, the Kabbadi I just turned off after a few minutes–having the announcers explain the rules at some point might have helped.

The Moxie Games seemed pretty much made for the “Ocho” joke. Dodgeball juggling?