Just a casual question, from sheer curiosity: There is a relatively-famous Hungarian surname variously spelled Esterhazy or Eszterhazy. I’m just curious as to the literal meaning of it, what it literally translates to in the same way as the English surname “Cooper” means “barrelmaker” or the French “Lenoir” literally means “the Black.”

From looking at this Hungarian to English dictionary it appears that Eszter used as a prefix in Hungarian refers to a lathe or turning a lathe, which I imagine gives some clue as to the original profession of the Eszterhazy family. I tried to find a translation of “hazy” but got nowhere, I think the lathe reference is useful, however.

Whilst searching for the answer I found a lot of information about a particular Eszterhazy family famous for it’s association with the composer Haydn. It may be worth noting that the family seemed to have taken the name upon aquisition of an estate rather than having it’s origins in the profession suggested by the name:

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