Estimating the Weight of Your House?

Any rules of thumb?

Anyone done it?

I did some thermal-mass calculations that sort of went halfway, but they only looked at major components. Short of doing volume/mass calculations for the concrete, and then looking at the wall structure and getting an average mass per unit area for each type of wall and roof, then adding in each window, and looking at the floors and getting a mass per unit area for those, and adding it all up… and then multiplying by your local gravitational conversion factor to get newtons… I’m not aware of any shortcuts. But then I am far from an expert here.

When the twin towers were blown up I did a rough estimate of how many truck loads it would take to remove the rubble. I think I used a figure like an average of 20% solid mass at about 100# a cubic foot. It came out amazingly close. A house would be much easier to get very close.
I would roughly estimate a 2000 sq ft single story stucco home at about 120,000#. I just made up a rule of thumb for that so not sure how far off it would be.

You’ll need a lot more balloons than that.