Ethernet to wireless, or USB to wireless product?

If I am in a place with a wired-only ethernet internet connection and I have a wireless device (such as a phone or ipod) is there a thing I can buy to use the wired network to provide a wireless signal?

And if so are they cheap?

I am thinking along the lines of… something you plug onto the end of an ethernet cable to make it’s data wirelessly available.

Or, Something you plug into a computer that is using the wired connection (ethernet) again, to provide a wireless network.

I hope I’m making sense.

edit: I don’t have physical access to the phone line that provides the connection (so I couldn’t just go out and buy a wireless router). I do have access to the ethernet that provides the connection.

I believe you’re looking for a wireless access point

Or USB here.

There are different kinds of routers. The one I have connects to the ethernet port of the cable modem. Others incorporate the DSL or cable modem into one box. I don’t think you want an access point you want a router that will do the NAT bridging.

Yeah. Get a Wireless router that has an Ethernet port for the Internet. In fact, that’s the most common. The ones that use the phone line are actually modem-routers.

If you need an Ethernet cord, it will come with the router, so that’s should be all you need. You’ll use it first to plug into your computer, so you can set up the wireless information on the router. But after that is done, you can use it for the Internet.

It is possible to get a USB dongle, and set up an adhoc network where both computers can talk to one another, but that is a lot more hassle, and likely will have lower range. Seeing as you can get a router for 33 (!9 used), I think just getting a standalone router would be worth it.

I use this little traveling router/access point, and I really like it. There are others. This one is tiny and very well designed. I see that Amazon is out of them, but since mine is a couple years old, perhaps there are newer ones. Mine is about 4" x 1" x 3" and comes in a little pouch. Perfect for traveling.

The WRT54G2 is a piece of shit. Don’t buy it.

Honestly, ignore this wireless router stuff. The easiest and cheapest solution here is to get a WiFi card for your desktop and run an adhoc network from that desktop. That’ll give you internet access to your wifi-enabled devices.

Chaining routers together, especially if you don’t have access to one of them, gets be a hassle really quickly.

Wireless adapters are not the same as wireless access points.

Regardless of your feelings on the WRT54G2, the OP requires a Wireless Access Point. A WiFi card with adhoc network is not trivial to configure and manage, and is not portable or standalone. I would prefer a WAP and switch combo, to allow multiple devices to be configured on an available ethernet port (maybe a laptop and phone in a hotel room). A Wireless router can be used as a WAP, you don’t use the internet connection of the router at all.


Oops. Misread the OP, thought a wireless network already existed.

Take the router, turn off DHCP, and instead of plugging in the Internet port, plug in one of the local switch ports. Then you’re just using the router as a bridge between the wireless and wired networks. Surprise, it’s now a wireless access point!

This is precisely how I’m posting right now. Due to being more popular than WAPs, wireless routers are cheaper and more ubiquitous. Plus can be easily re-purposed should you need to do something else. It’s the way to go.