is there something to help me merge wireless ethernet with non-wireless?

Here’s my situation. I have a LAN setup at my home providing cable modem access thru wires to 3 computers, theres an extra slot in the hub and I have a seperate laptop that I really want to have networked. I don’t want to carry a cord around when i use it in the house, so can someone please point me to a device that can plug into a hub and transmit to wireless ethernet card?

(thank you if this is out there)

here are some options:

you will need these two devices:

you could also use this instead of the first device:

basically, you would need a wireless router and a wireless ethernet card. not cheap, but very convenient.

Have one right infront of me and it works great

d-link DWL900AP+ wireless access point

You need an “access point” on your wired network. It bridges the data from the wired network to the wireless network.

An example access point from Psion Teklogix: the Model 9150. This is an industrial unit that also works with that company’s proprietary equipment; the Linksys or D-Link units mentioned earlier are more suitable for home use.

You also need a wireless network card in your laptop. Technically this is an “802.11b” card; Ethernet is actually the name for the wired network.

Warning: if you have a wireless network, it may be possible for passers-by to connect to it wothout your knowledge. Some people operate ‘open’ 802.11b networks and encourage anyone to connect; this is an excellent low-cost way to get a neighbourhood online. However, many others are simply unaware of this possibility, which is why 802.11b security is a hot topic right now in the corporate world.

A canned Google search of “802.11b security” yields many links.

[sup]Disclaimer: I work for one of the above companies.[/sup]

Xash has a perfectly workable solution, but as cost is about the same for simplicity sake and to reduce clutter I would get rid of your hub entirely and replace it with this instead of adding a wireless network point on top of your existing setup. This wireless router ($ 120.00 after rebate at combines both wired and wireless hub/router functions into one box and has a nice hardware firewall built in.

Re best deals on PCcards OfficeMax has an excellent price on wireless D-link PCcards at $ 40.00. Set SSID on D-link card to “linksys” and you are good to go. I have two of these cards in my notebooks and they work perfectly with the Linksys wireless router anywhere in the house.

Though, technically, Ethernet is defined by the IEEE 802.3 standard to be a wired LAN, Wireless LANs are defined as Wireless Ethernet by the IEEE 802.11 standard.

So, although the term Ethernet itself refers to wired networks, Wireless Ethernet is a widely used, and technically correct, term.

also, from What is WiFi? | Webopedia

other sites with definitions of wireless ethernet:

and here’s some good info for the OP: