Ethnicities represented on the SDMB...

Inspired by this thread, I got to thinking about the various ethnicities of posters on the SDMB. I’m curious to know whether there are more nations or ethnicities represented here.

Naturally, a large majority of the posters are from the USA, but I’m guessing many of them may not necessarily be of American origin… to a lesser extent, I’m sure the same applies to European countries too.

So how about it? Where are you, or your parents, or your grandparents from?

In the interest of sanity, for those people whose ethnicity may be different from their current nationality, please don’t trace back more than 2 generations - without a limit, Aussie posters can claim to be of British ethnicity!!

Dammit! :smack:


Sweden, going back to 15th century. :stuck_out_tongue:

Indian. Specifically half Gujerati and half Kutchi. My maternal grandparents were Kutchi, whereas my paternal grandparents were Gujerati.

75% English, 25% Scottish.

One of my ancestors owned a pub (smug)

My father’s parents were from Palermo, Sicily. My mother’s ancestors were mostly from the British Isles, but her family has spent a few generations in America.

Half scotch and ice.

Mom is from Germany; Dad is mostly German with a smidgen of Hungarian, from the former Yugoslavia (his hometown lies within Serbia now). They met and married here in NYC.

Half French from Alsace, half English with no particular regional origin. Absolutely not German in any way, despite what my friend the Graf says. Bloody Pangermanist Prussian bastards.

Going back two generations makes me:

1/4 Colonial Caribbean (Dominica)
1/4 Ulster Scot (great^several grandfather owned Harland & Wolff)
1/4 Geordie (kiln-making family)
1/4 Londoner

Going back 1 generation makes me:


Irish Geordie with a bit of Scottish. It’s a volatile, frequently intoxicated mix!

i was born in England
both parents born in England
grandparents born in England, Ireland, Dominica and Brazil

ethnicity, celtic.

Hi dodyskin - two 1/4 Dominicans in 3 posts - that’s impressive!

Mongrel. French Canadian, Irish American, Scots, Welsh, English, Irish cattle thieves and some Dutch 3-4 generations ago.

As far as I can trace, 100% Belorussian Jew.

97% ‘British Isles’, 3% Indian.

I once saw a bumper sticker that read, “I’m a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Male Southern Liberal Democrat - EVERYTHING is my fault!”

That pretty much decribes me. 95% British Isles, 5% French

Me? Welsh. . .with bit’s of English.

Maternal grandmother was born in America of a Sicilian mother and Spanish father. Maternal grandfather was born in Naples to an Italian father and a French mother. Paternal grandparents were Swedish and German, but I was raised by a stepfather in an EXTREMELY ethnic Italian family.

None of this explains why people are constantly asking me if I am Japanese.

My family’s Vietnamese as far back as I can trace the lines, and we’ve lived in the US since 1979.