Ethnicities represented on the SDMB...

Black. A bit of Native American and white, but it’s farther back than two generations. (One great-grandma was half white, another one was part NA.)

My whole family is Polish. We moved to New York in '89.

My mother’s from Tehran, Iran. I was born there, but we left when I was a month old. My father is American mutt as far as I can tell.

English, Belgian, Scots, Irish, German, in rough decreasing order of concentration.

I’m so white I glow in the dark.

Two Irish-American second-generation grandparents, one with an English mother, one swamp Yankee grandpa descended from the Mayflower and born in Harlem, and one grandmother who immigrated from Nova Scotia and spoke Gaelic growing up and English with a Scots burr all her life. Oh yeah, since I’m 1/4 Canadian I strongly believe that the government should pay for my taxi fare to and from medical appointments. :smiley:

Mainly Scot-Irish with a little Apache and Cherokee.
100% Texan.

Ethnic Swedes from Finland on my father’s side. Mostly English on my mother’s side, but she had grandparents named Frank which has caused my sister to speculate there might be some Jewish heritage.

Basic Central/East European Jewish-American mutt…

Paternal grandfather born in Riga, Latvia, although evidence so far suggests his mother, at least, may have been born elsewhere (perhaps Lithuania)

Paternal grandmother born in Canada, though her parents were born in a very small town which was then in Ukraine but is now in Poland, and her mother was born (as far as we know; she is somewhat of a mystery) in Minsk, Belarus or environs.

The other grandparents were both born in the U.S., but their parents were not: maternal grandfather’s parents were from another dinky town in then-Austrian Galicia, now in Ukraine, and maternal grandmother’s parents birthplace isn’t entirely known: she always thought they were from Graz, Austria, but I have since located documents which suggest they were actually from a town of about 1,000 people in southern Poland, just over the border from Slovakia.

So basically, we’re very confused.

Mother was Irish. Father was from South America (don’t know where). I was given up for adoption.

3/4 Italian
1/8 Irish
1/8 German

My father is from northern Italy, born to northern Italian parents.

My mother was born in Nebraska. Her father was born in NYC to Sicilian parents (from Bagheria, right next to Corleone of Godfather fame). Her mother was from Iowa, born to an Irish mother (from Co. Wexford) and a father whose parents had been ethnic Germans living in Russia (they were part of the Volga Germans) .

100% Cuban. Except that both sets of grandparents were first generation Cubans, hailing from the Canary Islands.

If were only going back two generations then I’m only American.

If you go back a few more there’s(I’m kind of extrapolating ethnicities into today’s landscape due to the charming European habit of exchanging land back and forth every couple decades) German, German Jewish, Russian, Polish, German from Russia(some people consider them a unique ethnicity so i’ll throw them in), French, Scots-Irish, English, Swiss, Dutch, and Italian. Plus evidence of people living in about half a dozen other places, but probably just passing through.

Basically I come from a long line of people who just wanted to move way the hell away from their parents and screwed the first person they found there. So on second though American is probably my real ethinicity.

According to the 2000 census, wer are the only family, I think, in our area that is Hasidic Fiji Islanders. In Michigan. As if.
And yes, I made that up.
Thanks to Cecil, when someone asks me what I am, I reply, " Human."

FTR, on my children’s birth certificates, I wrote in " Human" for race for them.

I’m an American of mixed ethnicity, perhaps most notably Melungeon. The bulk of the rest of my ancestry is English, Scots-Irish, Dutch, and German.

Gee, if we only go back 2 generations, I’m simply American. Although if you allow some leeway, I would say European-American. I’m not even going to list all the little country-ettes.

As far back as we’ve looked on my mam’s side it’s been English, and I would be willing to bet that it’s the same on my dad’s side too.
So I’m near enough wholy English.

1/8 Scottish
7/8 French Candian

(Was always confused as to why the 'pipes evoked such a strange melancolic longing in my heart untill I found out about a great grand-mother from the Campbel clan…)

TruMa is 1st gen Indo-Canadian, parents from Kerala in Southern India.

TruSquirt is going to have an interesting time on school cultural days: curry-tourtiere, anyone?

Umm… Kiwi/Chinese/Malayasian/Hakka/Cantonese

Completely and utterly Welsh. My kids however would like to sweep my Welsh heritage under the carpet.


good heavens, eva luna, my maternal grandfather is from the fabled galicia as well. i just love the reation you get, when you mention that to a person from the ukraine or russia. they get this really funny/strange look on their face, and say, “aaaaeeehhh.” you may never see that person again…

mum’s side: grandpop, galicia; grandmom, russia. dad’s side: grandfather, denmark; grandmother, denmark or germany depending on who won that day.