Can eunuchs achieve orgasm? I think yes, because the prostate gland is the trigger for ejaculation of fluid with or without the addition of sperm produced by testes–of which eunuchs have been divested. Others say no way.
Is there good science to settle this momentously inane argument?

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I will admit at the outset that I don’t have any documentation at hand, but, as far as I understand, the act of orgasm depends only on having an intact nervous system (actually, just part of a nervous system). Men with low testosterone levels from acquired disease may have less libido and poorer quality erections than men with normal levels, but they still achieve orgasm.

Of course, in my reasoning above, the men have had prior exposure to testosterone which is unlike the case for a eunuch. So, maybe the analogy doesn’t hold.

Also admitting I have no documentation.
I remember reading that if the “eunich-izing” was done after puberty some sexual function would be left.
I have a friend who has lost both testicles to cancer. (Two different types,7 years apart) He functions, but uses testosterone. I’ll see if he can give me some more advice.

Karl: Interesting comments. This question may need input from a proctologist or sex-therapist. I reacall stories or myths about eunuchs not only guarding the harem, but aiding their master by pleasuring concubines without threatening the royal line of scions. I suppose digital/rectal exams are rare to nonexistent for pre-pubescent males, but wonder if there would be a reaction to prostate palpation.

Since the OP seems to have been unable to find his way here from the thread, let me bump this up with the following observations:

Depends on (a) method of making the eunech. Where and when are you talking about. (b) what you mean by orgasm – production of sperm or feeling of orgasm, answer depending on (a).

Stimulation of the Ear. I know that’s been known to induce orgasm (almost happened to me last week!). It might work in eunuchs.

Its surprising this question isn’t easier to answer considering there are lots of them in India.

Prepubescent boys can orgasm with no ejaculate.

Castrated men can orgasm with ejaculate though anecdotally I am told it is a small volume. Testosterone is given to counter the loss of libido which makes it difficult to hold an erection.

I assume from the above that the prostate developes in puberty. Some suggest that there is a change from a more female to male orgasm with puberty. I came to the issue too late to offer any anecdotal evidence and the studies are a bit beyond my comfort zone tonight for further reading.

I did come accross one site which said some prefered their eunuchs to be completely emasculated due to fact that some could still maintain erections and have sex but without orgasm. As the reference was somewhat archaic it may have equated orgasm with ejaculate.