Can Girls Have Orgasms Prior to Puberty?

OK, this is not – I repeat NOT – a snarky sex question. I’m a guy and I remember having some “wet dreams” in my early years which produced no emissions, but how does one define puberty in a young male?

So, for a somewhat simpler question, since women have a clearly defined definition of puberty (I think), I am wondering if they can have climaxes prior to the onset of menses.

Please don’t think this is some form of perverted sex question. I am just genuinely curious.

Mods, if this goes south, feel free to move this to the BBQ pit, with my apologies.



Just coming in to say thank you for the answers. You’re fighting my ignorance! Much appreciated.

Also, yup.

is the OP warren jeffs?

Do you think Warren Jeffs gives a shit?

Guys can have orgasms without ejaculation, though, right? So do guys ever have dry orgasms prior to puberty?

Yes, I did prior to puberty.


This is GQ, folks. Please don’t derail the thread with religious issues.

I don’t have an answer to the OP, but I came in to say that I’m highly amused by the number of one-word answers.
Really? That’s all you have to say? C’mon, where’s the total TMI? The over-sharing? The anecdotes?
Bah. I’m disappointed in the Dopers. But I don’t have any answers for the OP, sorry.

Yes, but nothing like they are in adulthood. At least not for me. But still pretty good.