European "English Cocker Spaniels" VS American "English Cocker Spaniels"

I have been looking for a new dog.
I searched and found Blue and Red Roan English Cocker Spaniels. And decided that’s what I want.
From what I can see, they are slightly larger than the American Cocker, but smaller than a Springer Spaniel. They have the characteristic dome head, and look like a regular cocker, but with longer ears.
All of the “European Cocker Spaniels” are in Europe, and one in Tel Aviv, and one in Manhatten…go figure.
When I search for breeders in the US, I get pictures of some kind of “gamey-pointed-nose” dog that looks closer to a varmint than a cocker. It is definately NOT the same breed. No dome-head, and cockers don’t have pointed noses.
What is the deal? They almost look like a Britanny, but look nothing like a springer or cocker.
Do I have to buy a English Cocker overseas to get what I want?

I wonder if what you’re describing is the difference between working (or field-bred) cockers and show cockers. In the UK, the working type seems to be getting more popular. This site has pics.