Europe's Best Commercial

Europe’s Best Commercial.

I have actually said this to parents. Most of the time they agree.

Um … don’t a lot of European countries have a serious underpopulation problem nowadays?

Yes, but do they want to be repopulated with kids like that?

do you think that stops condom makers from shooting commercials?

Love the comments there. Beat his ass!!!

I didn’t see any particular brand of condoms being advertised, just the message “Use A Condom.”

Or “Don’t Be A Useless Parent”.

Or “Shop online.”

“Use condoms, if you are a complete asshole who stands around like a twat while your kidzilla rampages throughout the store.”

Incorrect. It is demonstrably true that it is this one for Blackcurrant Tango.

Isn’t this commercial several years old? Has Europe not come up with newer better commercials since then? I guess it’s the whole French ‘not having to work past six’ thing. :rolleyes:

If you’re talking about the thing going around the Internet, it’s total BS.

No, France Did Not Ban Workers From Answering Emails After 6 P.M.

Ahh, cool. I hadn’t gotten to that article yet. But really, it was a joke. This is an old condom commercial.

No big deal. I had just read that article so it hit me right away when I saw your comment.

I actually saw a kid go freaking nuts like that in a Walmart once. Heard him screaming aisles away like he was set on fire. Came running down the main aisle and ran right into a display of kids cereals. One of the boxes landed in his arms and as he kept running he turned around and threw it, bonking his mother (grandmother?) right in the head.
About 4 years old, yelled “I want it, I want it, I want it”, screamed and kicked while this poor woman tried to carry him out of the store, face beet red with embarrassment. When I got outside to the parking lot I noticed them in a Rav 4. The kid was still howling and spinning like Taz and kicked the small back window out of the vehicle.

It was pretty god damned glorious, but only because it wasn’t my kid to deal with.:smiley:

That’s an old commercial but I think it’s pretty good.