Evangelion—"N2" bomb questions?

I’ve gotten into watching Neon Genesis Evangelion, lately, and I had a couple of quick questions about the “N2” bombs (basically, ultra “clean” nukes) used a few times in the series…

First off, can anyone point me to a good front/side view of one of the weapons? I found a postage-stamp sized screencap online of one of the Evas carrying on in it’s hand, but that’s it.

Second…did they ever mention what kind of explosive yield an N2 has? Maybe in a manga or a series bible, or anything?

That’s…it, I guess.

From the guide at the end of the 5th Graphic Novel (no decent pic), it just says that the N2s are a tactical nuke.

However I seem to recall that the show said they were non-nuclears (hence n2), based on that Id say they have a similar payload range to a standard nuke.

The episode with the 4th pilot has a pic of an N2 iirc as Rei is holding one, I believe they are just tubes in the show.

Do you remember which episode number it was, specifically? I’ve seen these two pics, but I’d like to be able to find something larger.

That is the episode Im thinking of, its not the one with the 4th Child though.

Im thinking its episode 22 or 23 (try Rei III as the episode title)

Welll, I just finished some checking around, and it looks like it was episode 19. Which does me no good, since there are STILL no screencaps to be found of it. Ah, well. :frowning:

Thanks for the info, though!