Gnnnnng, Neon Genesis Evangelion questions

A few questions I just came up with;

Who exactly took out Lilith with the Lance? Is Lilith dead or just alive enough to produce that LCL liquid?

2nd impact was the event that caused the melting of the southern icecaps, when Adam released an enormous amount of energy. Having not seen the series for a while, can anyone explain what 2nd impact was?

Was Adam in embryo form and unleashed as a full sized angel by humans? Or did he just appear on Earth and a fight ensued? Was the energy released when he was turned to an embryo? When was he changed to an embryo?

Also, what would 1st impact have been? Another angel appearance?

  1. God or whoever, back in pre-history. (This is a pure guess.)
  2. Pining for the fnords–er, I mean, probably still alive, because she’s continually bleeding, and Rei merges with her in EoE to become Giant Rei.

Oh, and the Lance wasn’t always there - Rei put it there, after Gendou et al retreived it from Antarctica.

Again, IIRC, he was “sleeping” in Antarctica and the humans use the Lance to reduce him to embryo size, triggering a massive energy reaction.

IIRC, the First Impact was either the biblical Flood or the asteroid event that took out the dinosaurs.

The thing about the numbering is that the “second impact” is a cover story. The population of the world in NGE believes that a tiny object travelling close to the speed of light struck Antartica. This is compared to the asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs so the public at large knows it as the “second impact”. The various organizations that know the truth continue to use that terminology and so refer to the attempts to complete the process started with the “second impact” as the “third impact” even though it’s really the second time and no impact is involved at all.

And the lance can be thought of as a control rod for a nuclear reactor. Remember that Lilith kept growing. In some of those earlier scenes where we glimse her she is missing the lower half of her body and has a mass of (human sized?) arms and legs below the abdomen. The lance was inserted to stop her from regrowing before it was time.