Second Impact, and Anime Weekend Atlanta

My friend sent me an article about this, and I can’t believe I forgot-Evangelion fan that I am- but yesterday was the day of the Second Impact, in which the event with Lilith killed half of the world and spurred the creation of Evangelion.

Oh, speaking of anime, now that my ship date has been delayed (again :rolleyes: ), I can go to Anime Weekend Atlanta. Just out of curiosity, how does AWA compare to other anime conventions? I went to AWA last year, and blew a whole bunch of money, but really didn’t watch any anime there. It was also full of smelly people that haven’t washed in about a week, and the hotel in which it was held wasn’t exactly [enter fancy hotel name here]. Still had alot of fun tho.

Eh, we’ve already missed the Global Civil War and touchdown of the SDF-1, the introduction of Labors, several ends of the world… What’s another True Prophecy among friends?


At my anime club meeting I was told AWA isnt a good con but it’s a con and it’s close by so dont complain :wink: I thought it was fun last year, I got some cool stuff.

whelp, it’s at the Ravinia this year, so it should be really nice. maybe we could push the smelly people into the japanese garden to give em a semi bath. it would be a new experience for them.

I completely missed that too! How could I?

2nd Impact that is.

my favorite episodes are the one’s on tape 9, w/ the forth child.

My favorite episode is the movie (so I use the term “episode” loosely), which gave me weird dreams for about a week. :smiley:

you’re welcome teppei.

AWA started today!!! I’ll be there tomorrow!!! AAAHHHH!!! ::EXCITED::

I’ve never seen the movie. :frowning: My fave episode would have to be 24, the one with Kaworu. I wish Evangelion would come on again here so I could tape it. Tho I’d probably just muck it up again; the second run through the serries started before the first had finished here and I STILL couldn’t manage to get them all. :slight_smile: