eve online help needed

I am stuck with my only internet access being me droid phone and I need to get a message to my corp…can someone who plays send a message for me? I need to let them know I will not be able to run the mining op tomorrow…

Sorry, only noticed this thread now - I assume it’s too late? :stuck_out_tongue:

Im on my cell phone =) but I used our roomies dial up to actually log into eve :eek: and i am absolutely amazed it worked [though the FPS was abysmal!] so I did let them know that our cable wont be back up until Monday sometime [the jackasses across the street decided to dig a trench, or maybe grave, no idea… and they cut the cable for everybody from here to the end of the zone.]

Though I am in eve withdrawal, as well as internet withdrawal - it has been down since last Sunday :frowning:

What is your name in game? I am Aruvqan, same as here :slight_smile: Interested in mining? :smiley:

I’m fubbleskag in eve as well. I’ve never been much into mining, and am actually on a bit of an eve hiatus - I pretty much only log in to roll skills, and might even take a break from that.