Is Eve missing?

Has anyone seen Eve post recently? I haven’t, but I’m not one who notices things like that right away. Last I saw from her she was trying anti-depressants (I think). I’m sort of a worry-wort, but hey - I believe you should do things you’re good at. I don’t see a post from her since August 6th, which is unusual.

I hope all is well.


While we’re on the subject of posters who are MIA, where the hell is Michael Ellis?

I’ve been looking after his ant farm practically since the board went to paid subscriptions, and the ants are starting to get unruly, making unreasonable demands, threatening to go on strike, etc.

She’s fine. I talked to her via email few days ago, when she asked me to do a few mods to her website. She’s just taking a sort of sabbatical from the Boards for little while. Anything else, she’ll have to say for herself.

Was she aiming properly?

A might hard to do with lorgnettes in one hand and pearls that need twisting in the other.
Makes for quite the juggling act. :wink:

Eve’s last activity yesterday 8:50pm
We’re not stalking ya sweetie. Just checking, have a good say. :slight_smile:

Eve’s new Web site is up? What’s the address?

I don’t know if it’s a new website, but the URL is

I didn’t know that Eve spits. For some reason that comes as a bit of a surprise.

Her webpage bio does mention she lives “within spitting distance of Manhattan”

The last time I saw Eve, she was making plans to go back to college as well as continue working full time. It may be that she hasn’t had the time to post.

As my stalker noted, I have been checking in but have not had the time or energy or inclination to post. Working hard at my nine-to-five job, taking on many freelance projects for extra money, planning to start night school in Jan. to earn my master’s in Library Science, revving up for the possibility of that book on the Castles

. . . but mostly, taking care of Mom, who is in very dicey health. I spend every other weekend with her, talk on the phone to her constantly, and spend every day playing referee between her GP (imperious), the staff psychiatrist (offhand and disinterested), her assisted-living nurse (vicious bitch) and her private-duty nurses (idiots, every one of them), all of them countermanding each other’s orders and telling me different stories.

No {{{{hugs}}}, please, there are at least 50 people on the Boards with a lot worse problems than I have. But pardon me if I Go Garbo for awhile.

P.S. the goddam Klonapin do not work, I want some Valium!

Would }}}}}Eve{{{{{ be an anti-hug?

Eve, If you need any help with Librarian-related stuff, please do ask.

Motorgirl, Librarian Extraordinnaire

Yes, she can teach you how to do the one-raised-eyebrow “Hm… this book is overdue” evil stare of doom.

trembling with fear

Eve - I’m sorry if I was instrusive, but I’m glad you’re okay. I’m sorry l ife is so suck-worthy right now. My mother had a stroke recently, as you’ll recall, but she seems to be recovering well. She goes to physical, occupational and speech therapy three times a week, but maintains a better vocabulary than her therapists. Her vision is wonky and they don’t know if it will come right again and she can’t read right now, but she’s determined to teach herself how to read again.

Best of luck with the meds! When I lost my job 5 months ago I could no longer afford my anti-depressant. Hopefully I’ll find something soon because it’s really affecting my life.


Will opium do?

What the hell do I want with the kid from the goddam Andy Griffith Show?

Sorry Eve :frowning:
I know what it’s like to need a little solitude in times of sorrow. Take care. t/k

Could help you sell film rights.