All About Eve

A couple of weeks ago, Eve posted that she was quitting her job over a matter of principle and that she was going to spend some time by herself. Since then she hasn’t posted and has closed down her email account.

Have any of the NYC crowd been in contact with her recently? I, and I’m sure many others, was wondering how she’s doing.

I was wondering why she hadn’t been posting; I missed that thread. Can you provide a link? Thanks :slight_smile:

The thread is here

Damn! Sorry I missed that thread. I was away myself, and was wondering why I hadn’t seen anything from Eve. I just finished her book “Anna Held nd the Birth of Ziegfeld’s Broadway” and wanted to tell her how good it is. I understand she only posted from work, though, and I don’t know when I’l get to tell her. I might have to send Actual Mail by way of the publisher!

She didn’t quit her job-job; she quit writing the column for MOVIELINE magazine – which probably only brought her a nominal remittance each month, to be spent on baubles and bows and other pretty things. So I don’t think we need to conjure up any Little Match Girl scenarios just yet.

She did say she wanted to be left alone for a while. However, it’s BEEN a while.

Shall we try to draw her out?

I’d rather draw her a nice warm bath.

Let her know she is missed, Ike, okay?

Of course, I noticed this thread only after I posted my concurrent “where are these dopers?” thread. Yeah, Ike, please tell her we all miss her and are suffering from Eve withdrawal. If that doesn’t work, tell her she’s missing out on some good gossip.

Eve! EVE!!! We miss you, Eve! I’m sorry I thought your “Bewitched” column was not your best work and nothing to defend so heavily as to quit a job over it, even though I didn’t say it! You’re still funnier than anybody else here! And cuter!


I had no idea anyone even knew I was gone (she says, blushing prettily) till I got the nicest E-mail yesterday from APB9999 telling me about this thread (and your’s, too, Mulli). Thanks, all, nice to be missed—“people come and go so quickly here” that I figured one could just drop out of sight without a ripple, barring a public Wally-esque tragedy.

I have been running around like seven Lucille Balls gone haywire: • more tsouris than usual at work, which can’t possibly interest anyone • scrambling for another gig to make up for Movieline (no luck yet, and I am worried about how they will ruin my last three columns) • I’m giving presentations at two writing seminars in October • My sister and brother-in-law will be visiting • I’ll be spending a week in New Orleans • Have to go have a recurring health problem checked into • and oh yeah, I’m holding down a nine-to-five editing job AND writing a book. While spinning dishes on poles and playing “Has Anybody here Seen Kelly?” on a mouth organ.

So, while I may be making some drive-by wisecracks (now that I know that a few of you really do miss me!), please forgive me if I don’t return E-mails or post as often as I used to for awhile.

Eve! Welcome back!

Sounds like you’ve got a full plate in front of you, but be sure to throw us a crumb every now and then. I hope the best for you, and be sure to let us know where your column eventually lands.

Just so you know, seeing your post really brightened my day. To paraphrase Sally Field, “I like you! I really, really like you.”


I would feel more insulted by unanswered emails if you had a blasted address in your profile so I could send you some for you to not answer.

Or whatever that would be in English.

Of course we missed you, Eve, you give this board most of its class.

But as long as we’ve got your attention, I want to tell you about the plan. A plan so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel.

Due to the phenomenal stupidity of your former editors, the March issue of Movieline will be bereft of all traces of wit. Even mangled by those idiots, The Bottom Shelf was still the best part of that magazine. If I wished to credit them with any intelligence, I’d think they were intentionally ruining your work so it didn’t too far outshine everything else in the magazine.

So I am declaring jihad upon the infidels. When the March issue hits the stand, I want every member of this board to write to this address;

Movieline Magazine
10537 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 250
Los Angeles, California 90025

and ask Virginia Campbell, Editor in Chief, why Eve Golden’s column didn’t appear.

There are almost ten thousand members on this board. If only five percent send a letter, Virginia Campbell will be receiving five hundred letters of complaint, but I’d like to see at least one or two thousand. Then we can start sending copies of these letters to Chairman of the Board Anne Volokh and Group Publisher Audrey Arnold, who I assume are the people Campbell has to answer to.

Nemo, aren’t you sweet! I think I will have columns in the Nov., Dec. and Jan/Feb. issues—and Movieline is just unprofessional and petty enough to ruin them on purpose (as opposed to accidentally, as they do now).

Backstory: I was originally hired by Ed Margulies, one of the magazine’s founders. He was a doll, very funny and sharp, and he gave the magazine its edge. He took ill about two years ago and retired, leaving Virginia in charge. Virginia has all the wit and editorial skill of one of those plastic things at the end of your shoelaces. Ed died last year, and ever since, my head’s been on the chopping block, as one of his “pets.” I should have quit as soon as I read of his death.

So, that’s why Movieline has lost all its edge and humor: it died with Ed. Now the damn mag is just like People and Premiere and every other boring celeb rag. It’s pretty much run by . . . Well, my editor once called me to ask who this “Betty Grable” was I mentioned in my column. That should give you some idea.

Eve, it sounds like you’re staying busy, and like life is generally good. (Hope the recurrent health problem is nothing that a back massage by a good-looking guy named Sven can’t cure.) Do try to keep in touch; you class up the joint. :wink:

Nemo, I thank you, my sig thanks you, the writers of Blackadder thank you.

Hi, Eve! It’s good to read you again.

It’s Movieline’s loss. Ten bucks says Virginia was out to get you because she was jealous, not just because you were the founder’s “pet,” but also because you were smarter and better-looking than her. Competition may be stiff for writers, but good ones are hard to find and I’m sure we’ll be reading another published column of yours soon.

Anyway, glad you’re back. Hey, everybody, let’s tidy up this joint a little. Dontcha know a lady when you see one?

Eve, I was just thinking of you! Glad to see you’re back so I can tell you that there’s a brand new book out that looks really interesting and I think you’d like. Can’t remember the exact title, but it’s about the women of Pre-Code Hollywood and it’s by Mick LaSalle (who’s a movie critic for the SF Chronicle, and even though I never agree with his reviews, the book looks really interesting).

Anyway, nice to see you posting again.

Eve, I think you need to sit Miss Virginia down and give her a stern lecture, or maybe wrestle her in a kiddie pool filled with jello. It’s your choice.

~Omni-, happily scrubbing away the class that Eve pours onto the SDMB

Oh boy, Eve mentioned me! And she’s back! I can now die a happy man.

It’s an aglet.


Well, yeah, Homer. But Eve’s editor didn’t even know who Betty Grable was, you think anybody at that magazine is gonna mind being called an aglet?