Even if your car has a navigation system, it helps to look out the window

A story in this morning’s paper.

Man, what’s with the old dudes and crashing cars?

First this guy and now the sand guy…

Of course the first story made me laugh because they don’t say that the female passenger is his wife or his partner but we suspect it is his ‘lady friend’, which is cute.

Those wacky 80-year-old Germans and their kooky way of always trusting outside authority over the evidence of their own eyes!

Just one more reason for people over 65 to be required to test for their license every year. Senior citizens are one of the most dangerous categories of drivers second only to teenagers and should be treated as such. I love my grandpa but I hate the fact that he is still legally able to drive even though his reaction time has slowed considerably and he can’t see at all out of one eye. As an insurance agent I see situations similar to this all the time and I feel so bad because most of the older people I see are underinsured and this is the point in their lives when they need adequate coverage the most

I remember a man and woman going into the Australian bush, because they used the on board navigation system. The best part was that they weren’t on a road and where they wanted to go was not out in the bush. They almost died in the desert. Idiots.

My old landlady (62 at the time) in Florida had cataracts in both eyes, when I met her. She renewed her license using a doctor’s certificate… from the oncologist who’d operated on her 20 years prior and who didn’t know about her cataracts, sky-high blood pressure or diabetes.
Since she would only let me drive if she couldn’t feel any acceleration or deceleration, I became the Absolute Mistress Of The Fluffly Gas Pedal. The alternative was just too scary.

84 year old parks in Sears article. What can I say?

I saw that one on the local news last night. Glad no one in the store was hurt. I still just don’t get how you can accidentally launch your car through a building. I guess if you think you’re stepping hard on the brakes but instead stepping hard on the accelerator but it seems like you’d notice your mistake in time.

Driving past barricades and road closed signs is pretty funny.

“Look, dear, there’s a huge pile of sand just ahead.”

"I see that, dear, but the GPS hasn’t told me to turn yet. Wouldn’t want to get lost, would we? "

“Oh, my, we’ve plowed into the huge pile of sand”

“Yes, I see that, good thing we’re not lost”

Driving in old age is a Frank Herbert kind of thing, really. An existential realization dawns on you:
The brake is the gas. The gas is the brake.

I know a guy who did this who used to pilot B-24s for the Navy, for cryin’ out loud.

The article says the car was a couple feet into the store. The picture shows the car’s rear end farther into the store than an endcap display of merchandise. It most have been 10 to 15 feet into the store. The picture has concrete block rubble in it. She must have hit at at cruising speed.