Even sven/ Even seven

As you might have noticed, a new member called even seven has joined the board.

However, we have a long term poster called even sven.

Those two names are really too similar not to lead to confusion. Many are going to assume when they read a post by the former that it has been posted by the better known latter. I’ve nothing againt the new poster but I think he or she should be made to change his or her board name for something less confusing.

If we had avatars this wouldn’t be a problem.

Stop hitting me.

Oh, yeah? What if two posters chose the same avatar? Could happen!

So we’re confused, so what? I often don’t look at who the poster is, or know who the poster is. I don’t see why it’s a problem. Respond to what they say, not who they are (we don’t know who they are anyway. In case you’ve not noticed, most people are using names not their own.)

Exactly my point. If a second poster signed up with a sort-of-similar screen name, but a duplicate avatar of another poster, their masquerading intentions would be plainly obvious.

You mean Argent Towers and Agent Foxtrot are the same person?


Do we have an even steven?

So if avatars were allowed, the chosen avatar would first have to be cleared by the Avatar Registration Board (SDMBARB)?

Exactly. (My bold)

Too bad this doesn’t happen.

Perhaps even 7 might be a viable alternative for the new poster. I agree that even seven causes confusion.

Yeah, yeah, nobody spoke up when Bosstrain was around…


Might I also suggest Even seven or Even Seven as alternative possibilities. Just a capital letter or two would make it easy to differentiate between the new poster and even sven.

Fuck me…just when I thought we were completely out of inane things about which to bitch…the board that flatters itself about its collective IQ needs rules to compensate for poor reading?

I don’t like that kind of thing. I wouldn’t want someone with something similar to my username to start posting.

I was here first.

Thought I’d drop in to say “hi.” I don’t really know nor care what this deal is, but I assume the mods are on this and something tells me it won’t be an issue for too long.

The first time I saw “Even seven” I was confused, but the styles are very different and I think even sven is right, this one won’t last long.

Perhaps I’ll change my username to “even’s even”. Somebody else can have evan sven. and even swan. We’ll teach you attention to detail if it kills us.

Maybe we can all change our names. I call dibs on even steven.

No way Jose, I totally proto-dibbed that in the pit!

What is the issue here? Unless it’s being done to troll, there is no rule against similar user names.

Been a thread on this before.