As you might have noticed, a new member was recently forced to change his username. The new username is ScarletNumber.

However, we have a long term poster called Scarlett67.

Those two names are really too similar not to lead to confusion. Many are going to assume when they read a post by the former that it has been posted by the better known latter. I’ve nothing against the new poster but I think he or she should be made to change his or her board name for something less confusing.

That is the poster know as even seven, who was confused with even sven and was asked to change.

What are the odds?

Maybe it’s a play on Scarlet Letter.

I don’t think anybody is going to confuse Scarlett67 with ScarletNumber.

Why not? I mean, one’s Scarlet and number and the other is Scarlett and a number. Surely the situation is ripe for confusion.

If you’re going to make someone change their name because it is too similar to another’s name, then why make him change it to something that is so similar to some other another’s name? This makes no sense!

Some posters here are just a wee bit smarter than one would think. Many are way more clever than one would think. Others are not.

You (all) decide.

Oh not this again. :rolleyes:

It’s a good thing he didn’t choose “A Bunch Of Blue Characters” because then no one would have been able to tell him apart from anybody.

Personally, while even Seven was going to take some getting used to, I was okay with it (especially if even sven was). Hell, even capitalizing both letters would have made it okay. I don’t think ScarletNumber and Scarlett67 remotely close enough to cause a problem. No more then Agent Foxtrot/Argent Towers. People get those two confused and they have, what, rhyming first haves of their names.

ScarletNumber seemed to change his (his?) name pretty willingly when asked, at least it appeared to in the thread where I saw everyone point it out to him. I don’t see this as being confusing. If it turns out, in few days/weeks/months, that he’s a troublemaker or that it seems that he may have done this on purpose, consider that the name thing a first strike. But assuming he’s a nice, respectful new member of our community, I suggest we learn to differentiate between the two names* and move on. How many threads to we need on this?

*Do you have any idea how many Joeys I meet? Hell, Do you have any idea how many Joey P’s I know since most of them are in my own family? I’m Italian. I have a giant family and we only seem to know about 4 names that just get used over and over…just like Goodfellas.

Man, I’m glad this wasn’t a hot button topic when I joined.

I thought parody threads were supposed to go in the Pit. Or is it that parody threads aren’t allowed in the Pit? I can never remember.

How smart can they be if they can’t tell the difference between seven and sven? I mean, if this is the caliber of intelligence we’re talking about, then there’s no way the new pairing isn’t confusing.

What about “parody” that is so obtuse that it’s just pathetic? Where does that go? Is there a DOA forum? (And can we throw the Capitol Steps in along with it?)

You’re not from Lake Woobeegone are you?

OP, if you’re obliquely complaining that a poster willingly changed his or her name when asked politely. . . well, what exactly is the point of this thread? Are you whining, or criticizing, or attempting to be clever, or what?

It’s not a new board policy or anything, and ScarletNumber is perfectly capable of raising the issue if he or she has a problem.

Oh, really? You really think that? Both Seven and Sven look similar enough to each other they could be confused for one another at a casual glance, especially if someone isn’t aware they weren’t the same poster. It says nothing about a person’s intelligence if they found themselves doing a double-take in that situation.

I think the name change to ScarletNumber is somewhat of an improvement. I don’t see enough of a similarity to Scarlet67 for there to be any confusion.

Besides, an admin had to approve the new name, right? If it’s good enough for the admin who approved it, it’s fine with me.

I guess this is the time I point out that we have a gazillion names on this message board and some of them are going to be close to one another, it just bees that way.

When we think it’s too close we ask the newest person on board to consider another name.

Have y’all always been this cranky? I didn’t remember it as such but a lot of y’all are there now. Lighten up already, would you please?

We also have posters named akinney and Kenneth, which could potentially be confused with akennett. If you’re so concerned, we would be happy to change your username.

I’d like to change my username to ScarlettNmber

And I to #. Or possibly №. That will show you all, mwah hah hah hah.

Wait, so even seven is now ScarletNumber. That’s hilarious.

So now not only is 7 even, it’s scarlet.