Even the stupid is bigger in Texas

Lest anyone think that your lawmaker actually understands civil rights or even the Constitution, peruse this news.

More from the bigot in question at the link.

That’s so many levels of confused she may have been watching Homeland.

So, why is she demanding they swear allegiance to the US? They’d just be lying anyway, by her logic.

I wonder what she thinks the intent is of muslims who were actually born here.

Bet she goes to church. Bet she prays for our heroes. Because the only thing God loves more than a football team is an army.

Maybe they should start with soft-on-secessionism politicians like Rick Perry.

My congressgit, the Hon. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the Lutheran Muslim from Lake Wobegon.

(I may have mentioned this already, I am as reticent as a vegan on this subject…)

Sorry, 'Luc, didn’t mean to change your quote out from under you.

Huh? Does she think it will have a similar effect to that of a crucifix on vampires?

It generally takes me about 30 seconds to empty my bladder. Seem reasonable?

No prob, Bob. Freak freely.

I thought he was a Catholic Muslim. Which, on reflection, would make him ELCA.*

I’m confused. If they are pledging allegiance to America, what does Israel have to do with it? Is Molly White an Israeli secret agent, like John Boehner?

    • The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the hippie Lutherans, who are theologically closer to Muslims than Mormons.

Yes, but it’s not God, it’s Jesus.

I always thought from my reading here that pork was supposed to be the muslim Kryptonite. Couple strips of bacon formed into the sign of the Cross should have been sufficient.

She put a foreign flag on her desk and asked people to pledge to it to show their allegiance to the United States?

I have to admit that’s a special kind of stupid.

But moving to a new country and refusing to assimilate was the fundamental principle on which Texas was founded.

I’ve lived in Texas for over 30 years. Maybe I live in an area that really does have a diverse culture that is widely embraced. I don’t know. But I can tell you that people that live here think this is wildly offensive. The local newscasters could barely disguise how they felt about Ms. White. They were more than happy to report that repeated phone calls and emails were unanswered.

There are truly good people that live here. It’s too bad that the racist, xenophobic, and generally obnoxious shitbags* get all of the press.

*I’m looking at you, Ted and Louie.

Well, that’s why it worries her. Since it already happened before and *worked *then…

When you call someone stupid, you might want to check your own comments for factual errors.

Jewish people are not that uncommon in Texas. Quite a few in Waco, but mostly they are in Temple.

I’m shocked that the have something called “Texas Muslim Capitol Day”. Not sure what it means, but it sounds, dare I say it… rather progressive!