Evening hives...what the hell?

For the last 4 days or so, every evening I start itching, and a couple of hours later I have hives all over my arms, legs, hands, feet…all over. They itch like crazy, taking benadryl seems to make them go away but I usually avoid it because of the mental side effects.

I cannot figure out what’s causing these. I am not doing anything different lately - no changes in diet, laundry detergent, soap, or anything. They show up whether I am at home or elsewhere. About the only thing that the outbreaks have in common is the time of the day…usually starts in late afternoon.

What could it be?

I’m thinking…lunch.

Where do you eat lunch? At a restaurant?

If so, they may have changed something you’re unaware of.

I figure that whatever’s in the lunch gets into your system by late afternoon.

Either that, or maybe a medication you take at noon?

I don’t take any medications, and I usually don’t eat anything until around 6 PM (I sleep until noon).

I had the exact same problem a couple of years ago. I’d get itchy around 4 or 5 pm. By 6 pm I would have raised red itchy spots along the edges of my hands, on my arms, the soles of my feet (which made walking very irritating) at times along my stomach. It would usually clear up by the time I went to bed, and the cycle would start the next day.

I never was sure what caused it, but it did go away after a while. At the time I was under some degree of stress, and once some of the causes of stress were lifted, it went away. I am not saying there isn’t a physical cause, but you may be under more pressure than usual.

Maybe you have fleas and you need a flea bath. :smiley:

syncrolecyne may just have it, Badtz.

Pick up your exercise routine, do some deep breathing, & let us know if it helps.