These hives are making me angry!

Ok, first of all, with the title of this thread, everyone get the Seinfeld reference out of your systems. All together now…
“These pretzels are making me thirsty!”

There, do we all feel better? Good. As I was saying:

Fucking hives! Little red welts of demonic itch-itude! It started a couple months ago, I saw a doctor who informed me that the cause of hives can be very difficult to track down. Hives can last from 6-8 weeks and then go away, never knowing the cause. On the other hand, it’s not uncommon for hives to last more than a year, in some cases more than 20 years. All the while never knowing the cause.

So my own little itchy beasts lasted about 6-8 weeks and went away. Oh JOY! I’m one of the lucky ones, it was just a fluke thing! I’m cured! The relief lasted about a month and now the little itchy bastards are back.

And they brought friends.

And I think they’re throwing a party.

The back of my neck itches, my forehead itches, my cheeks itch, my arms itch, my shoulders itch. I’m scratching myself all the time in places I don’t normally scratch all the time. The itching wakes me up at night. It keeps me from being able to concentrate at work. I can’t concentrate on what I read either, re-reading the same paragraph 2 or 3 times between scratchings. I’m popping Benedryl like M&Ms and soaking in oatmeal baths. Then there’s the lotion I was given, which is practically useless when my back breaks out. Ever try to apply lotion to your own back? After dislocating both shoulders trying to reach around my own body, the only options available are either getting a paint roller or just filling up a tub and having a nice lie-down in it.

Not to mention all the little bumps on my forehead makes me look like there’s Klingon blood in the family. Are there any special scholarship programs available for Klingon-Americans?

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Go to a dermatologist, if you haven’t been already. If they can’t track down the cause, they can at least offer a better treatment for the symptoms. Start keeping a “log” of things you eat, wash your clothes with, put your hands in/bathe with, and what you use to clean the things your skin contacts. Maybe it’s something like dry cleaning chemicals since it’s not an every day thing? (I don’t wear dry clean only clothes every day, thus the previous statement.)

I’ve had hives before, but they never lasted that long. I was allergic to a certain dishwashing liquid. I’d break out every time I did handwash. Once I quit using it, I didn’t get any more breakouts. I hope you can get to the bottom of this.

Awwww, c’mere baby… I’ll put lotion on your back and scratch all those hard-to-reach spots. Poor Crunchy.

Would also like to echo the advice of Zabali_Clawbane. It may also be a heat thing… I used to have a problem with terrible rashes around the turning of the seasons. Hie thee to a good dermatologist.



Not to mention that all of their songs sound exactly the same.


The last time I had hives it was when I was on penicillian for my abcessed tooth. I had these HUGE lumps on my back and disgusting little ones up my arms and legs. I stopped taking the penicillian, and they went away. I’ve been getting hives since I was a child, so I know how bad they are.
How about a nice aloe bath? I’ll scrub your back for you?


A lotion rubdown from bobkitty or an aloe bath with Guin. Maybe there are special benefits for Klingon-Americans!

I swear one or more of you need to move to St Louis. :wink:


ARGH! Foiled again! And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for you meddling kids and your darn Frog!

Crunchy Frog, you have my sympathy.

I get hives from no less than 27 things, many of which it’s impossible to avoid in everyday life, and many of which I encounter regularly as part of my profession sigh

Antihistamines are not always your friend, either.

I feel your pain. Or rather, your itch. I’m having an outbreak of hives now, though I’m pretty sure that I know what’s causing them…an antibiotic. I’m already allergic to penicillin, it looks like I might be allergic to Levaquin, too. Dammit.

Maybe it’s your laundry detergent? Try washing your clothes in soap made for babies - Dreft or Ivory Flakes.


Umm, how about a:

[Contansa]George is getting angry! [/Constansa]


Anyway, good luck with your hives. Hope you find an answer soon.

My husband had hives a couple of months ago for about six weeks. They were mild, but annoying.

Now, they’re back with a vengeance. They started Saturday afternoon and were really bad this time. They were all over his body and some were HUGE! He did all the same things you did–Benadryl, oatmeal baths and they went away by Sunday morning. The only thing left was a swollen hand and a few hives on his wrists.

About an hour before he got them, he had taken a Stacker 2 diet supplement, which has ephedra in it. He’s taken them before and said he had never had a reaction like that–until he remembered that when he first got hives a couple of months ago, he was taking Stacker 2.

If you take anything like Metabolife, Xenadrine, etc., that might be the cause.

I’m going through the same thing (does it make you feel any better knowing others have the same problem? Me neither!) and it royally sucks. I have no idea what’s causing it, the allergy test came up with nothing, but I should go back and try another 30 or so pin pricks in my arm to see if anything shows up.

They come on seemingly randomly, not related to any common food, location, clothing, etc. Large, red, itchy welts on my forehead, neck, arms, chest, and legs. The Clariton seems to fix it up pretty quickly but I want it to STOP! Grrr…

Maybe your hives are caused by stress and anger? Wouldn’t that Suck? :smiley:

Yeah, Telemark, Claritin did the trick for my hives, whereas all Benadryl did was make me sleep like Rip van Winkle.

Crunchy, are you eating a lot of oranges or strawberries lately? I ask because they’re in season right now, and it turned out that those were the culprits that caused my hives. Not that I stopped eating them! I just took my Claritin and ate what I wanted. After a few months, though, the hives went away on their own and never came back. Go figure.

First, thanks for all the advice but we’ve already looked at detergents, foods, materials the clothes are made of, pet dander, what I come in contact with at work, etc. We still don’t know what’s causing it.

I asked the doctor (yes, I’ve already seen a dermatologist) about the possibility of the hives being caused by stress, and while he says it’s not impossible for that to be the cause, a link between stress and hives has not been proven.

All I have to say at this point is: Frog is getting upset!

This is unreal! I started getting hives for the first time about 2 months ago. They started when I was on vacation in LA and have become a regular fixture on my body ever since then! They seem to come out with a vengeance when I’m upset or under stress. I take Allegra for other allergies but the Allegra does nothing for the hives. I can’t make any other connection to the hives other than stress. I was going to go to the doctor about them but as others have pointed out, they don’t always know what the answers are. I feel like such a freak going around with splotchy red mangly arms! I’m going on a low carb diet which will eliminate a few food groups…maybe they’ll improve.

I’ve had hives, with no remission, for over 3 1/2 years. Frog, I’m so sorry this is happening to you.

Get real antihistamines - benedryl is too mild to help. Get to an allergist or dermatologist. Steroids packs are usually the first prescription, but be careful about taking them for too long, like months.

If you have any swellings or edemas, especially near your face, see a doctor. I didn’t think mine where a problem until my tongue swelled and I ended up in the emergency room. “Pweed hep me - I’m aww idchy amd my tong ith swolled.” Not pretty.

Oh, good luck with this. Hopefully they’ll go away soon!

Oh, and I’m Chronic Ideopathic, meaning they don’t have a clue about what’s causing this. There’s probably not a cause, just my immune system got turned on and can’t figure out how to shut off.

(BTW, I’m on 8 prescriptions a day.)