Ever been attracted to your doctor/nurse/dentist/therapist?

A buddy of mine was in your same situation, but the cutie asked him what high school he had attended. Turns out they knew each other.

Sure, what the hell…

Just your ongue?

Dental hygienists galore. My dentist from before I had teeth until I moved away from my home town at 25 had exquisite taste in women.

My mom’s orthopedic surgeon is tres hot. I’m seriously considering knee replacement surgery just for the heck of it…

In college, I dated a nursing student. Over coffee, she and another nearly-a-nurse talked about a prof who told them to just get over seeing people naked. “By the time you graduate,” she said, “you will have seen enough naked people to no longer be nervous or impressed. You are professionals. Act like it.” After that, I’ve struggled to see medical professionals the same way.

When my urologist’s gorgeous nurse was holding my penis and inserting a fiber optic probe into it, I was glad I could maintain that detachment. It would have been really uncomfortable if I’d had a stiffie while she was doing that. :eek:

My current shrink is a very foxy lady, and she’s close to my age. However, I know that getting a crush on your shrink is a sure way to get no results from therapy. She can’t ethically get involved with me, either. Besides, her husband works in the same office, right across the hall. So, no flirting, no staring at her legs, and I haven’t once complimented her on her appearance. It isn’t always easy.

I’m attracted to 75 or 80% of the women between the ages of 20 and 60, so I’m not the best person to ask.

I woke up from anesthesia once to find a nurse checking a machine near my bed. I was maybe 15 at the time, but I can barely remember through the haze of “where am I and why do I feel so cloudy?” thoughts that I was hitting on her with absolutely no restraint. I remember she sighed kind of annoyed-like and told me I would feel better in a few hours.

I was pretty embarrassed when she came back into the room later that day, because I was fully conscious now and could remember enough about waking up to be horrified at what a big fool I had made of myself. I tried apologizing, but she was too professional to laugh with me about it, so I just shut up and wished I could crawl under a rock and die.

Not really a long term caregiver, but… When I was 20 I had jaw surgery. They gave me a catheter. A few days after the surgery it was time to remove the catheter. The nurse who came in was H-O-T hot! I had never seen such beauty.

And then she tells me what she’s there to do.

Uh oh. It would be a major faux pas to get wood during a medical procedure, wouldn’t it?

Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, the weirdness of the situation offset the hotness of the nurse. She was fiddling with the tube, I was embarrassed, it was all rather clinical and not the least bit romantic.

Still, she’s probably the best looking woman ever to manipulate little Hughie to this day.

My cholesterol level’s pretty high, so they actually sent me to a pharmacist who was way hot. A few times, my mind just kinda wandered off to a place in which we were making out, only to be interrupted with “you got that?”

I just keep telling myself: “You’re here because you’re a big fatass. Your chances are poor.” She’s more incentive than any threat of heart attack, that’s for sure.

Geez, of course the time I was rushed by a friend to the ER when I had horrible, agonizing, excruciating abdominal pain and vomiting, I got Dr. Dreamy. We were absolutely sure my appendix had ruptured but it turned out to be food poisoning. :o

Storm, peering with bleary eyes at Dr. Dreamy: He’s got the most beautiful eyes- BARF! YAK! GLURK!

Dr. Dreamy: "Storm, where does it hurt?

Storm: ::moaning and groaning, pointing towards abdomen, but still thinking this Doc is really, truly hot - then came the embarrassment::

Dr. Dreamy: “Let’s get some IV fluids into you. The nurse will be here in a moment.”


Sigh. If I hadn’t come in to the ER with something as un-sexy as non-stop barfing and something easier to deal with, like maybe a broken ankle, who knows? :smiley:

I once had a dentist who was so cute, and smelled so good, that I was getting my teeth cleaned about every other month. He looked like a young Robert Redford.

And my son’s neurologist is quite attractive, but it’s hard to get turned on while discussing your kid’s EEG.

My chiropractor is kind of hot. I have certainly moaned when he has given me adjustments before, quite unashamedly, I must admit.

I developed a crush on my physical therapist after a few sessions, because he just made me feel so damn good. When someone of the opposite sex takes a hour just to rub and massage you and stretch you and do their best to make you feel good, how can you not end up worshipping them?

Last year, I went into my GP’s office to have some shots done. The office had a new doctor in and she did everything. She was a bombshell, blonde, skinny but not anorexic, perky jugs, and a cute face. I flirted a little bit just for the hell of it. She was friendly but distant, as it should be. She finishes, up, I leave, and all is well.

On the way back home, I remember that I had a general check-up in a month. My brain immediately thought “hernia check!” A month later I go in to the office, the nurse finishes checking my height-weight-blood pressure, and in walks the doctor… It was a 50 year old lady!!! Where was the hot doctor babe? I didn’t want to be rude, so I sighed and went through the motions. The non-hot doctor was friendly at least… Sigh.

I had physical therapy a couple of years ago to deal with dizziness. The therapist was blonde, kind of skinny, but something about her was incredibly sexy. Maybe it was the way she said “m’kay?” when she told me something. Although the fact that she was really intelligent didn’t hurt. Twice a week I went in and went through the exercises with her. It lasted 2 months, and I was wishing it would take longer. Even now, I get the urge once in a while to call the office and ask her out.

I had a really attractive doctor up until this year when she quit the practice to relocate.