Ever been attracted to your doctor/nurse/dentist/therapist?

I’ve had the same eye doctor for close to twenty years. She’s a little older than me, very attractive, with a warm and funny personality. We’re both happily married to other people but… flirt with each other a little now and then. I have to admit it. When she leans in close to check my eyes with her little flashlight I can’t help but grin. I can’t help it! I would never make a move on her, and vice-versa, but it makes for a very pleasant eye checkup.

How about you? Has a medical caregiver ever made you smile in that particular way?

I developed small crushes on two of my obstetricians. Probably sounds weird, but they were both very attractive young men, I saw them often, and they were both very personable and caring. Of course nothing got out of hand and wouldn’t have- it served more to build a level of trust than it was salacious.

A couple of years ago I was talking to an elderly retired OB and I mentioned it to him, and he smiled wistfully and told me that he’d had a couple of patients he’d developed crushes on, too.

The doctor who did my LASIK was teh hawt. Loved all the pre-op and post-op consults, with him sitting on the other side of that eye machine thingy with his knees pressed up against mine.

My PCP from several years ago was pretty cute and the guy I went to after him was too but I never crushed on them, just enjoyed the view.

Yes, yes, yes, and “that’s normal.” Except the doctor was, in this case, a PA.

My GP is a very stunning redhead. Imagine my joy/embarassment at having to request a complete physical for school.
“Do you want to be checked for a hernia?”
<Inner monologue> “YES! And prostate cancer too!” </IM>
“Um, okay.”

My childhood dentist (age 10-18) was a hottie. I once got him on accident when my other dentist was busy doing something else, and from that point on it had to be Dr. Hottie. He was totally sweet, too–always telling me I had gorgeous teeth and he was so jealous of them…

sighs dreamily

The dentist that was in with the dentist I started out with was whoo-ee hot. Unfortunately he got married and moved away, which broke many patient’s hearts.

I had a seriously attractive neurologist. I think it was the first exam he’d done on me where he looked in my eye with that little scope, so he was practically cheek to cheek with me and with his shoulder pressed against mine. Then he checked my blood pressure and heart rate. “Hmm, your heart rate is a little elevated.” :smack: I said something about being in poor physical shape, which wasn’t a lie per se, but wasn’t the reason. I did notice that on future visits he switched the order of those two tests.

Oh good… I thought I was going to be the lone weirdo wth a neurologist who desperately wanted to jump their bones every time I saw him. I wanted to take him home and feed him and play with him and call him George and play with him some more. But that would be silly as his name was Greg. But there was **so ** much more I wanted to call him than “Doctor.”

Question for the OP: Does a barber/hairstylist count as a medical caregiver?

I went to my dentist’s emergency on-call buddy across town. Holy jayzuz was he good looking.

I call my Chiropractor Dr. Hottie.
When he hits those lovely sore points it feels so nice and when I feel those cracks and pops and the pressure points I’ve actually moaned before. Then again I’m a freak like that, but he doesn’t need to know that. :eek:
I turned bright red and told him I was sorry for having that reaction. He said no biggie, people react differently.
Now we are comfortable with each other and it’s becoming a running joke.

I wasn’t suprised when my oldest daughter offered to tag along on a few of my appointments. So I took the opening to have a little fun with her. She was 16 or so at the time and I asked her if I should be suspicious of why she suddenly wanted to hang out at the dr.s with me. Everybody likes to hang out with their mom in a waiting room!

When I was 13 or so I had to be rushed to the hospital - a teaching hospital with a lot of hot young residents - for an affliction that was best seen through my eye.

So there I was in the hospital at like 10PM on a Friday, having every hot young doctor person come by my room to look deep into my eyes.

I felt like a very special girl. And the doctor that was assigned to me was ESPECIALLY hot. I was very happy to see him every time he came by.

The ones that wash your hair? I’d say so!

I definitely had a crush on my first therapist, because he was “saving” me from the terrible state I was in. Seemed perfectly normal.

My dentist’s business manager, who often assists us with the planning of future whats and whens, is simply ridiculously good looking, a kind of sultry Naomi Judd if you will. In her mid thirties, she’s the whole package with the face, toned body, tasteful clothes, perfect teeth, seductive Southern drawl, etc. I love talking to her, although I ovven en up haffin ifficulty alkin ecause i ongue ets oo ard.

The nurse who helped my uroligist do my vasectomy could have been a freaking porn star. She was shaving my balls and it was all I could do not to get an erection. My balls may have hurt more before the operation than after.

My last optometrist was adorable - she just seemed to glow with a sweetness, niceness, and inner beauty. When we finished the appointment, I realized that she was about 5 mos. pregnant.

I also had a Chiropractor who was a hottie, and she even sometimes dressed in rather revealing outfits, with rather nice amounts of cleavage and all. However, I also knew her husbnd who was not only a great guy but was extremely handsome. sigh.

The dental office I went to in Chicago was entirely staffed with attractive young women, which almost made up for the amount I was spending for fillings and gum treatment (I had been shamefully negligent in my oral care for several years).

Then I moved to NC and had to find a new dentist. When I looked up which ones were covered under my dental plan, it turned out that the closest one was also all-female. :slight_smile:

The doctor who looked at my pinkeye at Doctor’s Care was a super-hottie. I mean, boy was fine in a serious cover model sense. (I mean, I can’t believe they let them out of med school that young, but whatever.) Of course, I was there to have him look at my gross crusty eye.