Ever been caught masticating?

Masticating is the most natural thing ever. I’d say if it feels good, do it. I think we should all be masticating as often as possible ;). Our responsibilities, daily to-do lists and decisions would always be more sound after a good mastication < (is that a word?)
I, for one, like to watch people masticate. :smiley: Have a good day, people! And don’t forget to masticate today!

This is a disgusting thread… you’re trying to turn our wives and daughters into proselytes!

I once masticated while matriculating. :cool:

Chewing Cat is watching you masticate.

Me too. It’s a guilty pleasure. Mmm…

What if you sit down and are about to masticate when spotting someone you only barely know? Is it intrusive or should you invite them to masticate with you because it’s a great way to get to know each other?

Yes, but worse yet I got caught during a session of premarital interdigitation :eek:

Masticating? In public? I’d rather choke to death…

After I’m done masticating, and still feeling the warm glow, I often catilate.

I let my son do this when we are at home. To my horror, I found him doing this at a restaurant we went to. I had to explain to him this is something one should only do in the privacy of one’s home.

Horace Fletcher. And it was 32 times. That’s why you have 32 teeth.

I let my dogs do that for me. They don’t seem to mind, especially if there’s a little peanut butter smeared on there.

I find its great to masticate in groups - especially around a table, sometimes just in the living room while watching TFN…

to be honest though, I find the best mastication happens when my SO and I do it alone, but together - sometimes she lets me have a bite off her plate just as I finish my last…

xcuse me - I’ll be at the fridge.

Caught? Honey, I make a show of it.

I just caught my husband masticating with his mouth open, making all these gross noises. He didn’t realize I’d walked into the room. IMO, you shouldn’t even do that in the privacy of your own home. Disgusting.

If you think mastication is disgusting, formication is far worse! ::shudder::

Mmm. I was just masticating here in my office at work. With the door open!

Now I feel like some circle jerky.

Masticating is pleasant with a cunuculous mouth! But Arrendajo if you feel a warm glow then possibly it could be as a result of micturating down your leg!!

Who cares about mastication when there is Dihydrogen Monoxide everywhere? In your drink, in your food, all over the environment. Wake up people!