Ever been caught masticating?

I went into this sleazy restaurant once, and people were masticating all around me. It was gross!

Mastication is excellent.

If it feels good chew it!

I hate it when I can hear people masticating. Disgusting.

As long as they weren’t talking about the “mouthfeel” they were getting from their filthy habit, I’m okay.

Was their epidermis showing?

Worse, there was endosperm everywhere. They were drinking it and eating it. :eek:

Yes. It was me and my sister’s dog. She was so angry!

I was masticating on this loaded baked potato. Her dog walked up to me, sat politely, and stared at me with his sad puppy eyes. He smelled the bacon, and wanted some. Bacon is a good thing to masticate on. I gave some to the dog. I couldn’t resist.

We both had terrific pleasure masticating together. It gives “dog is the wo/man’s best friend” a whole new meaning. My sister walked in on us and she got pissed. Apparently masticating on bacon gives the poor guy indigestion. :frowning:

I got over masticating in public long ago… it’s okay if you keep it to yourself and wash your hands.

I’m still working on micturating in public without shame.

It always feels awkward to masticate by myself in public. I just want to masticate and get it over with as quickly as possible but I’m so self conscious I end up masticating slower. In that situation it’s good to bring something to read while masticating.

I often put off masticating as long as possible - until I feel like I am going to burst - makes the mastication feel that much better and full filling.

Then, there are other days, when I just can’t get enough - I find myself masticating like a mother…

I saw a film once where people masticated until it was all wet and juicy, then swallowed!

as a child i started masticating in front of my parents. they had read Spock and let me continue my pleasurable pursuit.

I am a compulsive masticator.


No worse than known pedagogues engaging in philately with young boys.

I’m doing it right now and typing with one hand on my phone. mmmmmm it’s so good. The waitress keeps coming by, I think she likes to see me doing it.

It’s quite appropriate that the Swiss plastic pitch watering football cheats Young boys play at the Wankdorf Stadium

Who was it who insisted you masticate 50 times?

Just don’t masticate and engage in oral intercourse at the same time. Also don’t masticate while sucking cock. Very bad vibes, that.

notice how they always stop by when your mouth is full ?