Ever been thinking of fondling a celebrity...

I just saw some pictures of Jessica Alba’s appearance at the MTV Movie Awards. My new favorite wardrobe malfuction.

The list of celebrities I’d like to fondle is pretty long…

Nice. Very nice. My congratulations to her dress designer. :smiley:

Links, damn it man, links!

Now I have to go off to google it myself.

Google “Alba+MTV movie.”

I love the wind. :smiley:

Mmm, Jessica.

I won’t risk the wrath of the mods by posting a link. But if you go the Useless Junk dot com, you’ll find them.

I know that certain materials and colors go transparent under flashes (hee hee. Flashes.). Don’t you think the fashion gurus would stop using said materials and colors? I’m just waiting someone to walk down the red carpet with a single layer of saren wrap cut into a thong and nu-skin on their nipples.*

Ah, who am I kidding? Nipple on, Wayne!

*Please, God, don’t let it be Jack Black.

The idea was supposed to be that her collar would hang down and conceal her breasts. But the wind had other ideas.

Heh. The stuff was see-through anyway.

I always knida thought she was overrated as a Hollywood hottie…I think I’m changing that opinion after seeing those shots. Just, wow.

I nearly die of dehydration due to excessive drool whenever I gaze upon the lovely Jessica Alba.

Well, yes, but they’re (mostly) male. But I have a list, too.

Thems look mighty fake.

…still hot though!

Dude, you’re nuts. Those would be the smallest implants ever. Just spectacularly pert.

Jessica Alba fans NEED to see her in Sin City, where she plays a stripper and does a sexy cowgirl/dominatrix dance scene in black leather chaps and lots of flying fringes.

I was going to ask why a thread devoted entirely to admiration of one person’s boobs is in the forum called “arts and entertainment” but then I figured that I’d just be giving y’all a straight line.

In any case, I think this belongs in a different forum. I think I owe TVeblen one.

But she’s an actress!!!

Well, in that case…IMHO she has gorgeous breasts, opinions?

IMHO they are natural and magnificent.

Betcha can’t eat just one! :smiley:

But Dex, if you move it to this forum, it ruins the pun.