Ever been to - or hosted - an Oscar party?

I hear or read about Oscar watching parties every year. Do these really happen? I don’t know anyone personally, as far as I know, who has attended such an event.

If I tried hosting one I’d be lucky to get 2 or 3 guests, and I doubt any one of them would be particularly interested in the event itself.

Just wondering if my experience is typical.

I’ve been to two Oscar parties in my life, both hosted by church friends. I met my wife at one, which more than made up for “Forrest Gump” winning.

Ugh, never been to one, would never go to one. I can’t imagine anything more unpleasant. No one would likely care as much as me, especially the “smaller” categories like Costume, Editing, Cinematography and other categories I love but that idiots always say should be jettisoned. People wouldn’t STFU and I suppose it would be rude of me to scream at them.

I’m kinda antisocial, can you tell?

I actually went to one of those types of parties today. It was an Independent Spirit Awards viewing party put on by IFP Chicago at a trendy place that would normally probably never let me in the door, but this was free for IFP members and I’m a member so they had to let me in. I don’t get the Independent Film Channel and I really wanted to see them so I went. I found a perfect little hidden corner with a speaker overhead, a clear view to one of the many screens showing the awards, a small table so I could eat dinner (rather, some appetizers since the entrees were hella expensive), far away from the LOUD, yammering masses that were out of my eyesight, and close to the wait station so I had great service. If that little area didn’t exist I’m sure I would have been miserable. I’m sure I’m the only person there who heard a word of any of the acceptance speeches. And these were people who actually VOTE on the Spirit awards. I’d probably never go again but if it were at the same place at least I’d know where to go sit.

Yup. A friend of mine hosts one every year, and I’ve been going since 2011. Equipoise, you would love it! My friend is super strict that during the telecast there is to be no talking. Every category is viewed as important (hell it’s those smaller ones that make the Oscar pool winners!) and during commercial breaks he runs Oscar trivia. There’s always a pool with full printed ballots to fill out, I’ve won it twice. I think it’s so much fun!

I, too, can hardly think of a less agreeable reason for having a party, (and I live three and half miles east of the Dolby Theater). The only thing more annoying than the Oscars is people talking about the Oscars.

Nope, I wouldn’t go to a party or even watch at home alone. Ever since Marlon Brando got aced out of his award for “Streetcar” (the other three actors in the movie all got them) so that they could give one to Humphrey Bogart for his worst movie ever (The African Queen) on the “soon to croak” rule, I realized that they were bullshit, and refused to participate. I love movies, but I hate these silly awards.

Almost every year for the past twenty-some years I go to an Oscars-watching party put on by the Washington D.C. Film Society. It’s held at a place called the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse. It has comfortable chairs next to benches and tables where you can watch the show on a big screen. The Film Society has other events throughout the year, so these are people I’ve known for quite a while. They begin showing the Oscars on that evening as soon as the red carpet events start and end it when the Oscars ceremony ends after awarding the Best Picture. It’s $15 for the evening. There are drinks of all sorts available and food too. (The one problem I have is that the food is no better than so-so bar food.)

There are two hosts paid by the Film Society who speak during the commercials (when they turn down the sound from the screen). They provide some commentary, and they give out prizes during the evening for various sorts of contests. There is a silent auction going on during the evening for a lot of movie passes and other movie-related items. There are other free give-away items available.

As to whether I care that the Oscars are often awarded to what I consider to be the “wrong” movies, no, of course I don’t remotely care. I have always considered the choices of the Oscars to be somewhere between flawed and pathetic. There are dozens of different things I can watch and/or read around Oscars time with their own choices of what they consider the “best” films to be. I look at as many of them as possible. That’s not what watching the Oscars is about. It’s about hearing the host and the presenters make funny and/or strained jokes. It’s about hanging out with your friends and making your own snide comments about how good and/or stupid the evening’s events are. Quit treating the Oscars like it’s a terribly serious event and it will be a lot more fun.

Yes. A friend of mine has one every year. Food, drinks, Oscar poll, prizes in various categories. It’s fun. We usually all have a few favorites and we cheer and boo like we were watching the Super Bowl.

The prizes are good, too. One year I won the booby prize for least number of accurate picks. The prize was a year’s pass to any AMC theater, woo-hoo! It was better than the prizes for the winners.

This. why does anyone even watch that stuff?

Ok, I might go to your friend’s Oscar party.

Do you people go into every thread of every topic you have no interest in and post about how you have no interest and want to make sure everyone knows like your opinion is so fucking important and necessary?

Never been to one, never knew anyone who had one, and probably wouldn’t enjoy one anyway. Then again, I don’t like award shows of any flavor, and I don’t much like movies. In the last 5 years, I think I’ve seen 2 movies in theaters, and only liked one of them.

On top of that, I get up before 5 for work, no way I’m staying up past 9 or so… :stuck_out_tongue:

A couple I’m friends with used to throw an Oscar party every year. Mostly it was an excuse just to get together and drink with some friends, but the husband and I are also movie buffs.

We also turned Easter Sunday into a drinking holiday like St Patricks Day or Cinco De Mayo.

Noted. Thank you for your contributions.

You’re allowed to read between the lines. (I.e., “No.”) When the title of the thread is a YES-NO question, you set yourself up for that.

I went to a friend’s Oscar party years ago, but I realized that the only dumber than a Super Bowl party is an Oscars party, I don’t go to either type anymore.

I’m going to step in here and say that the way the OP was worded, all opinions about Oscar parties are acceptable.

Just, as always, keep it civil.

As for me, sure I’d go. It’d just be a good excuse to get together. Have Oscar themed snacks and little ballots and we can mock or discuss movies as we want.

I’ve been to World Cup, Super Bowl, Wizard of Oz is on again parties, so why not!

Allrecipes used to have articles on ‘how to throw an Oscar party’ that made me roll my eyeballs. Things like ‘put a red carpet out leading to your door and have someone with a camera taking pictures. Have your guests dress up as their favorite stars.’ plus recipes for Oscar-related food, and suggestions for games and such. I found it annoying and ‘twee’ - bored grown adults - like the cast of ‘Friends’ - actually doing this stuff. (Though I suppose if I had a big jolly fun-loving bunch of good friends who take time from their busy lives to ‘dress up like the stars’ at an Oscar viewing party, I might go just for the food and drinks.) It kinds of reminds me of a New Guinea cargo cult, natives building airplanes out of straw.

I went to an Oscar party in Hollywood. I was surrounded by Hollywood’s C list of stars, or maybe even D list. Actually, most of them in the biz worked behind the scenes, crew, writers, and a couple of animators. As the evening went on and alcohol was consumed (and who knows what else) two groups emerged, the ones who still thought they’d see their name in lights some day, and the ones who realized that was never happening.

In the ordinary world I’ve never been to one or even known of one being held.

That does sound enjoyable.