Ever dodged a professional or personal bullet?(metaphorically)

I was thinking about two close calls I had in the past few years -

  1. I was offered a job with a company that sounded great. I was a new company to our city, the job was just what I wanted to do and I would be travelling to all sorts to cool place (Singapore, India, Malaysia, Dubai). The job was teaching new immigrants how to live day to day in Canada and job skills. One problem, I was still nursing my child so I had to turn it down. I was in touch a few more times, but it just didn’t work. Out of curiosity I checked out the company recently to see how it’s doing - the CEO was indicted for immigration fraud.

  2. Second was I got a call about a company that was supposed to find you a job, for a hefty fee, but they guaranteed and at a higher pay. It sounded good and after being out there for a while I considered it, but somehting didn’t feel right.
    Next thing I know they are profiled on W-5 (like a Canadian 60 Minutes, but not as good) as being HUGE scammers.

Anyone else?

Mr. Frail and I were this close to moving to New Orleans instead of NYC in late August. Had the other grad school he might have gone to (UNO) been a little more helpful to him, we definitely would have chosen NO over NYC. It’s cheaper, the weather’s nicer, etc.

Then we arrived here, plugged in our TV, and saw the hurricane footage. Whew. we dodged a huge bullet there, I’d say. We weren’t insensitive about it–we donated what we could and thanked whomever messed up in their enrollment/aid office. Now he’s going to school with some of the displaced kids from the UNO program.